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nicolasblanco — 12 posts

Here is a new gem which will help you validate and convert your Rails controllers parameters in a clean & readable way.
Writing JavaScript code to display data retrieved from a JSON API can be easy and clean if you use templates. But what is the easiest solution to reuse view partials between the Rails application and the JavaScript code? In this article I explain my solution which works out-of-the-box.
My blog article on how to use CoffeeScript in your Rails application. If you haven't tested it yet, you'll may find that it's actually easier than you think :).
Quick and easy geocoding
Do you know that if you just want to do simple geocoding in your Ruby application using an external library may be unnecessary ? Read this!
If you want to implement static models (for a search engine, a contact form...), just inherit from BasicActiveModel : a very small class that provides minimal architecture for a Rails form object.
Do you know that you can use the new Rails 3 HTML 5 helpers to get unobtrusive client-side validations in an instant? Read this!
Easy "paranoid" with Rails 3
Small blog article about how you can implement a "paranoid" behaviour (soft delete) in your models in a few lines of code.
A new version of Bundler (1.0rc2) has just been released! Here is the Capistrano task that I use to deploy with it.
I just launched ScopedSearch gem for Rails 3. With it you can easily implement search forms and do column ordering based on your models scopes. Compatible with ActiveRecord and Mongoid! See the example in the README...
I just launched Devise RPX Connectable. Use RPX services and Devise to authenticate your users using Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Google, MySpace, OpenID... Compatible with Rails 2/3/ActiveRecord/Mongoid.
With my new easy-vimeo gem you can easily upload a video or get attributes from a Vimeo video in just a few lines of code. The video object looks like an ActiveRecord instance, just set some attributes (title, caption, etc.), call save and rest :).
What do you think of this very simple way ?