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I wasn’t at Ruby Conf, but I followed it vicariously via various social media channels.
There is a huge amount of action in Ruby at the moment, including a ton of focus on performance.
Continue reading The Vibe.
Why do I need to know about threads?
My main purpose to discuss threads is not for the audience to start writing multithreaded code but to have a good idea of what is happening to their application when they are using multithreaded gems in their codebase.

Nowadays a good number of us are using Sidekiq for background processing or Puma as an efficient web server and I’m sure there will be more of such gems soon enough so I believe this makes it essential for us to know how our applications behave when we use such gems and how we can get the most out of them. Learn More About Threads in Ruby..
One of my first tasks as NY Tech Meetup’s newly minted hacker-in-residence was migrating our application from Heroku to Ninefold. Scary! Or at least it sounded like it would be. But it turned out to be a pretty straightforward and painless process. Here’s what you do...
After participating (and winning) several hackathons over the years, I’ve come to appreciate how nicely Rails generates prototypes that build and deploy quickly. Hackathon champions will assert that the secret sauce to winning hackathons is building an actual product that has real validation from potential users. This is a hard goal to achieve when everyone is short on sleep and time. Rails will get your app there.

Here are my simple dos and don'ts for creating a winning Rails app at a hackathon... Continue Reading...
I’ve been experimenting with deis, which has come a long way in a very short time. Trying to track the explosion of tech in what I will loosely call ‘Dockerland’ is impossible. So. Much. Stuff. Read The Vibe.
I’m the newest Rails Support Engineer to join Ninefold and a big advocate of developer bootcamps. Her talk sounded like it would be perfect for where I am in my career.

An excellent point that Kate made was that you shouldn’t only rely on your senior developers to teach your junior ones. As the common saying goes, “you don’t know something until you teach it.” The last person who was taught should be doing the teaching. This will definitely cut down on the amount of cynicism that can interfere with the learning process.

Kate broke down the four phases of onboarding for a new developer:
Read about the 4 phases of onboarding a Junior dev.
With much excitement, we are happy to announce the new Ninefold dashboard. We’re certain you’ll be delighted.

It’s as simple as it gets. From the point of signing up to deploying your first app we’ve made it painless. Making things simple is not usually easy for engineers, so here’s how it came together. Continue reading.

Imagine developing an application where you need to grab shipping data in real time, send products, inventory, and order information over at least ten different APIs including Amazon and eBay. When I first heard that I had to do this, there could only be one answer: “Challenge accepted”. Continue reading.
This week/s I have been mostly programming Ruby and Go, occasionally thinking about monoliths and services. My general feeling at the moment on rearchitecting your app is nope. Push it out as far as you can and take steps to postpone the inevitable (in Rails land, that’s engines, components and gems). Feel the Vibe
We have released an update (1.7.3) to our command line interface. This release is to address some API changes we have made with db backups. You will need to update to this version if you want to work with your db backups via the command line. Learn more
On August 6th there were a number of security advisories for OpenSSL. We have deployed updates on all affected instances, and all future deployments will automatically include the updates. Learn more
Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, Chief Designer of the Ruby Programming Language is presenting on Ruby.Next at the Ninefold offices in San FranView the live stream at 7pm (PDT).
Several months ago we were reaching a critical point in Art to Aid’s development. We had begun using Shopify about six months prior to test our theory that creatives and consumers want to work together to create good in the world; at least ten percent of every sale on Art to Aid goes to support a charitable organization of the artist’s choosing. We were closing in on flipping the switch on our own custom platform built on the popular Ruby on Rails ecommerce platform Spree. I had been happily denying the need for a deployment strategy more complex than a capistrano task pushing out to a single VPS. Continue reading blog
This week/s I have been mostly struggling with an outage in our primary care giver, realizing that my family is not really highly available and has no real disaster recovery plan. Roll on Spring, I say after a hard month of Sickness as a Service. I also went to the Docker meetup in Melbourne, which was excellent. Docker. So hot right now. Read the rest of the Vibe
You can get a 1.5 GB combined Rails app server in the US region for absolutely free. How does the free tier work? 1. Sign-up to Ninefold 2. Deploy a Rails app 3. Enter your billing details within 30 days 4. We’ll waive the first $50 of your monthly invoice - forever. Visit for more information.
This week I have mostly been thinking about Go. I won’t bore you with the details. Unless you ask me. Continue your dosage of the vibe
To most Rails developers, just starting or otherwise, the Asset Pipeline is like the magical warp pipe in a certain 8-bit – and its many incarnations – video game most of us grew up with.

And maybe it IS that magical warp pipe that takes us to a whole new world. That’s pretty much what the asset pipeline does. It takes us to a different, and more efficient, world.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want the TL,DR first. Think of it as finding that one awesome pipe and warping to the last level. Continue Reading...
The Vibe is back! After many weeks wandering lost in the wilderness, I present to you the new and improved (caveat: exactly the same) vibe. The weekly load down on what's cool in the dev and tech world. Get a sense for what the vibe is....
Even though our logging system is considered to be a core piece of our hosting platform and even though we have very strict internal demands for keeping the system available and healthy, we still don't have to do much to keep Elasticsearch up and running. While it's incredibly configurable, we found that we haven't had to deviate much from their sane defaults. So, given the ease of use of Elasticsearch, I found myself talking more about what it's like to manage a lot of logs from a lot of sources, both software and hardware. Here are my slides if you'd like to follow along: Read more here.
Eileen Uchitelle, a Lead Developer at Phishme, gave a very interesting and informative talk at Ruby Nation this past weekend. The talk focused on how problems can arise when developers make the assumption that Active Record knows best instead of understanding how its methods translate into MySQL.

During her presentation Eileen explored an example for each CRUD function and demonstrated how the usage of certain methods could result in MySQL timeouts, memory leaks or slow queries. Read the rest of the blog post.
We have updated all environments to Bundler 1.6.3.

What does this mean to you?

Faster deployments. As part of 1.6, they have rewritten the resolver to avoid recursion. The bundler team is reporting up to 10x performance improvements when resolving Gemfiles. Learn more here.
We aim to make microservices more easily available for our Rails and virtual server customers by allowing them to utilize Docker containers running on the same network. We have made the process of getting a machine up and running with Docker super simple. You can get started in a matter of minutes.
Learn more here:
There’s an expression that to a person with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. Over time, familiarity makes most problems look like nails to which you simply apply your hammer.

Read the rest of the blog:
3 key takeaways from her talk that we saw:
Ninefold is happy to announce that you can now use Travis CI to automatically deploy your application after a successful build.

Setting up Travis and Ninefold is simple, just run:

travis setup ninefold from your project directory.

Learn more here:
Now you can have your Rails app deployment and redeployment notifications automatically delivered to the Slack channel of your choice. Setup is super easy! Just choose Ninefold from the Slack integrations page and follow the simple instructions. Learn more:
Recently, I spent some time checking out Ninefold, a Rails hosting platform that’s aiming to combine the ease and low barrier-to-entry of Heroku with the configurability and power of AWS. Over a couple of days, I branched a simple in-house app and pushed it to Ninefold. I’ve distilled my first impressions down to a few points that I hope are useful the next time you’re looking for a Rails host. Read more:
Ninefold gem to version 1.5.0. This updated release includes couple of new commands related to managing your database backups all from the command line. Learn more here:
We are happy to announce that you can now leverage our easy app deployment with your own MySQL and MongoDB servers! Learn more here:
We would like to introduce you to a couple of cool new things we have added to our application logging:
V is for Vibe
This week @tobyhede has mostly been thinking about the front-end and frankly, how everything is terrible (tm):
Ninefold just wanted to let everyone know that for our Rails deployment platform, you are not impacted by CVE-2014-0160 aka Heartbleed.

For more information please visit: