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ningja — 6 posts

Published a blog post on how to utilize github gists to make a simple, easy-to-use, static-site (but actually easy to edit) blog with Github-flavored markdown, comments, fast hosting, all for free.
Just released minispec-metadata gem.
I'm a fan of MiniTest::Spec. It strikes a nice balance between the simplicity of TestUnit and the readable syntax of RSpec. So here's how to write MiniTest::Spec Expectations.
Here is how I setup a new Rails 3.1 project using MiniTest::Spec and Capybara. It includes a gem I wrote to stitch together MiniTest::Spec and Capybara a bit better.
In OSX Lion, Terminal now defaults new tabs to open in the same working directory you were just in. That's nice, but your .rvmrc file will not get executed. That's because RVM only executes it when you `cd` into that directory, and opening a new session in that directory doesn't count. Here's a fix. Add this to your ~/.bash_profile or whatever you use: cd . Whenever you open a new terminal session, this will automatically cd into the current directory, triggering RVM to execute the .rvmrc. This seems like a quick and dirty trick, so if anybody knows a better way, please comment.
"Pure" CoffeeScript with Guard
Here is how to use the guard-coffeescript gem to maintain a "pure" CoffeeScript project with a clean, off-to-the-side directory of all the compiled JavaScript files and still preserve the directory structure within it.