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obrie — 10 posts

state_machine 1.2.0, an FSM library for Ruby and several ORMs, has been released after more than a year of development since 1.1.0! Check out the CHANGELOG for the details. After a long hiatus, development is active again :)
turntabler is an evented, fiber-aware, fully-implemented API for Turntable.FM. Features include untangled callbacks, interactive debugging, detailed documentation, and more all wrapped up in a clean, consistent, object-oriented API.
state_machine 1.0
state_machine 1.0, an FSM library for Ruby and various Ruby ORMs, has been released. Check out a retrospective of the project and join me in celebration!
Join me Thursday, May 12 at the Asgard Irish Pub & Restaurant in Cambridge, MA at 7:30pm or later to celebrate the upcoming release of state_machine 1.0. Come by, say hello, and let me buy you a drink (or two)!
state_machine 0.10.0
state_machine 0.10.0, an FSM library, has been released. Highlights include: Mongoid 2.0.0[.rc7]+ / MongoMapper 0.9.0 (rails3) support, transition path analysis, after_failure callbacks, and more.
state_machine 0.9.0
state_machine 0.9.0, an FSM library, has been released. Highlights include: MongoMapper 0.5.5+ / ActiveModel 3.0 support and around_transition callbacks.
state_machine 0.8.1
state_machine 0.8.1, an FSM library, has been released. Highlights from the 0.8 series include: ActiveRecord 2.0 / 3.0 support, DataMapper 0.10 support, better i18n support, improved callback control, and 20 bug fixes.
There's less than a month left before Thoughtbot's OSS Ruby Inkling markets close and you miss out on the top prize. Now you can visualize the markets real-time using jQuery and Google Charts.
state_machine 0.7
state_machine 0.7, an FSM library, has been released. Highlights include: seamless REST integration, improved AR / DM support, and more access to events / transitions
state_machine, an FSM library for Ruby, has been officially announced. Features include ActiveRecord / DataMapper / Sequel integration, flexible before/after transition hooks, state-driven behavior, GraphViz visualizations, and more.