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pcreux — 15 posts

Humanity and community was omnipresent at RubyConf 2014. Guess what? I wrote a blog post about it!
In a recent episode of the RubyRogues podcast, Martin Fowler and Jessica Kerr illustrated Healthy Codebase and Preparatory Refactoring with beautiful words and powerful metaphors. I share those in this article.
*nix have pipes, Elixir has pipes, Ruby deserves pipes! I just hacked this together yesterday and I'd love to get some feedback:

pipable("moo") | Reverse | Leet | Mooify | :downcase |'@pcreux') | { delete: 'o' }
# => cw said: 00m
I just wrote a blog post about Gourmet Service Object. Service Objects contains the business logic of your Rails app while keeping your controllers and models really thin. I've been using this pattern™ for about 3 years now, it helps me deliver clean, expressive and reusable code that's easy to test.
Here are gems, heroku add-ons and configuration to speed up your rails app on Heroku.
I just wrote a blog post where I share practices to ensure data integrity on Ruby on Rails applications.
After more than 4 months of work, we finally released Active Admin 0.5.0! Have a look at the new features and the roadmap in the release announcement.
I just blogged about how we build web apps with ActiveAdmin using ActiveAdmin Factories, Arbre Components and by adding Services, Presenters, Decorators and Tasks to the rails stack.
Ruby Lugdunum (a.k.a Rulu) will be back on June 22 - 23 in Lyon, France. Rulu 2012 is a two-day single-track conference on Ruby featuring great talks, awesome food and time to hack together! CFPs are open and early bird tickets will be on sale on Tuesday! More infos on
I just released bundler-auto-update, a ruby gem that updates all gems listed in your Gemfile to the most recent version that does not break your tests.
Jekyll + Amazon S3 = ♥ with jekyll-s3.
We just released a little gem that logs (and stores) all the invalid Active Record objects your database contains. As you add / update ActiveRecord model validations, existing records may become invalid. An invalid record can break migrations, raise weird bugs in production or just prevent a customer from ordering stuff on your webstore. Just add gem 'active_sanity' to your Gemfile, run rake db:check_sanity and go fix your records! More info on the blog post introducing active_sanity or the active_sanity Github project.
After (My) RSpec best practices and tips I’m happy to share my Cucumber best practices and tips! This article will help you organize your garden, make smaller scenario, use scenario outlines, multiline step arguments and more!
After a year using RSpec, I’m happy to share “(My) RSpec Best Practices and Tips”. I hope this will help you make your specs easier to maintain, less verbose, more structured and covering more cases. Your comments are very welcomed! :)
I just pushed of gist a 25 lines of code Ruby script that allows you to interact with a remote sh session via Jabber. It's called Jabber-SH and it's like SSH over GTalk!