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planetmcd — 11 posts

Ruby (Rails database configuration, I'm looking at you) should embrace its Lisp heritage move to using Ruby instead of YAML for configuration. Let me know what you think.
Code With Clarity
My colleague at MojoTech, David Leal, just published an exploration of using software contracts in Ruby. Check out Code with Clarity and weigh in with any comments or suggestions.
JRuby 1.7 Released
I just saw that the JRuby team released version 1.7. Looks like lots of patches and bugfixes, plus it defaults to Ruby 1.9.3 compatibility and supports Java 7+ invoke dynamic feature.
TorqueBox 2.0.2 Out
It looks like the TorqueBox project released version 2.0.2 Check Out the announcement. It smooths out some bugs and adds support for JRuby 1.7.
I just saw a blog post by Chris Heald that used profiling to find some libraries that were using exceptions as flow control, which causes issues in JRuby . Seems worth a read if you use JRuby.
PostgreSQL, Rails, and why you should care is a good post from Harold Giménez about the strength of the case for using Postgres with Rails.
Enterprise Gem Saw this and it made me chuckle.
Leadership Amidst Controversy
Josh Susser on the controversy stemming from a conference under his stewardship. I think Mr. Susser shows both class and real leadership with this post. His response is an example of why the Ruby community is worth it.
Rails and Community Responsibility
Rails and Community Is there a larger pattern here? I hope not, here are my thoughts on the larger issue.
Rails is Still a Ghetto
Rails is Still a Ghetto Anyone else getting redirected to an ad page?