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plexus — 4 posts

Short (15 minutes) video demonstrating the awesome mutation tester Mutant.

I recorded it without a script, which is interesting as you see me stumble for a bit before discovering I actually had some redundant code, which is one of the cool things that Mutant will do for you.

Go watch the screencast!
An easy to follow article demonstrating how to use Mutant. If this awesome tool isn't part of your workflow yet then you're missing out: Mutation Testing with Mutant
A five minute demo of lesser known Ruby features titled Nobody Knows Ruby, presented at Wroc_love.rb in Poland.
An in depth post analyzing the differences between these two YAML implementations based on a large real-world data set, with tips on how to convert your data from Syck to Psych : Syck vs Psych: Differences and Conversion.