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pocha — 3 posts

Recently made a lot of wave by providing free Rails 4 online IDE on the browser. I decided to extend Rails 4 support on Codelearn Playground, which is also like an online Rails IDE augmenting Codelearn Rails Tutorials.

You would need to sign up on Codelearn to use the IDE. Also, the Codelearn tutorial is based on Rails 3. I deployed a nice hack to expose both Rails 3 & 4 on Codelearn Playground which I have documented in this blog post
This blog on how to install Ruby & Rails from scratch at Codelearn should be a good resource as it covers all OSes - Windows, Linux & Mac.
Probably caching in Rails is old phenomenon, but this article on Rails cache with Example app & some benchmark data is pretty good for someone looking to understand Rails cache from scratch & see it in action too.