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presidentbeef — 4 posts

Fast Compact Sparse Bit Sets
I implemented a fairly compact data structure for a scenario I had where I needed to store and check set membership for a lot of mostly-consecutive integers, so I thought I would share some details.
Avoiding SQL Injection in Rails
I promise this is not related to or prompted by the Rails CVEs today - just coincidental timing.

I've put a small blog post together about, a list of dangerous methods in ActiveRecord. The list includes example queries and injection code.

In addition, you can play with injecting code into the same examples by cloning the code repo and running it locally.
I wrote up a small blog post about using perftools.rb to improve performance where I didn't think there was room for improvement.
Brakeman 1.0 was released today!

Brakeman is a very easy-to-use tool for checking the source code of Rails applications for security vulnerabilities.