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pyromaniac — 6 posts

We've just released a new version (0.4.0) of our Chewy gem. Elasticsearch infrastructure done right.
Hey, guys! Here we launched a new ElasticSearch Rails integration gem. And this is the introductory article.
Hello there! I've got a brand new safe sandboxed template processor for you. Actually, it is the Liquid analogue. It looks like the Mustache, potentially faster then the Liquid, has ruby-like expressions syntax and Ragel with Racc under the hood.

Right now, the base functionality is finished, but it is still under heavy development.

Suggestions and pull-requests are welcome )
I've had a problem.
I've found a solution.
I've wrote a solution.
I've used it.

But can anybody tell me, what is it?
Hi there! I've published new Mongoid::Orderable gem. It uses batch mongoid $inc and proper assigns position while moving between scopes. I hope you'll like it.
Aloha, i've just launched the Puffer project. It is a rails >= 3.1 admin interface builder. Here it is: puffer

Main features
* Supports different ORM's through orm_adapter (at the moment - full AR support and partial Mongoid).
* It is really flexible because of components ideology (components are the most similar to apotomo widgets).
* It configures through controllers DSL and has routing-based resource hierarhy.
* It supports hierarhical models (nested_set, ancestry) from the box.
* It has it's own light CMS engine (puffer pages).