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qrush — 28 posts

15 speakers, 2 days, $99 for a ticket, and $99/night at our preferred hotel. You can't beat this in any other city than Buffalo. Register now!
We've got a great lineup for our conference here in Buffalo this September 20th and 21st. I hope to see you here!
I'm helping to organize NickelCityRuby in Buffalo, NY this September, and our CFP closes this week. You still have time to submit a talk! New speakers are welcome.
Read about how to use it here! It's metal.
Capybaras, capybaras everywhere!
Found great little nugget while mining in Capybara: Use Capybara on any HTML fragment or page!
Warm up with a data modeling adventure through Postgres, Redis, and MongoDB. And Shaq.
Planning on some downtime for a required kernel upgrade. Stay tuned on twitter for more info.
RubyGems on GitHub!
The official repository for RubyGems has moved over to GitHub! Woot!
A recap of what happened on your community RubyGem host last month including plenty of stats and information about latest features and fixes. move complete!
Read all about it here.
The Rails Module (in Rails 3)
Learn about how the Rails module is awesome, and how you should be using it.
Gemcutter January 2010 Changelog
Catch up with the new features and fixes that happened last month at your community gem host.
Get notifications of gems as they're pushed to any URL you want. Read more here and check out an example app that uses this new feature.
Some clever rackup loading now allows gems to be downloaded from Gemcutter even when it's down for maintenance. Read more here!
Gem bundler is the future
Learn about the gem bundler that will be in Rails 3, how to use it today, and why it rocks.
On gem forking
Wherein gem forking on Gemcutter is debunked and the future of this workflow is discussed. Read up!
Fork support for RubyGems
We've been talking lately in #gemcutter about how we can deal better with "namespaced" gems. Check out this wiki page and let us know which solution (or come up with your own!) you'd prefer.
Check out the new Update for everything that's new over at Gemcutter.
From the giant robots...
...two new projects: manage your github collaborators with enforcer, grade your projects with metric_fu/integrity using report_card, and also: make your test suite run UNCOMFORTABLY FAST
RailsCamp NE Adventures
what went down, and why you should go to one
RailsConf 2009 Liveblogging
happening here throughout the week!
Need a daily git fix? Learn a little bit about git and how to harness its awesomeness at
The Professional Ruby Conference in Boston has wrapped up. Copious amounts of notes are available on all of the talks given for those who couldn't make it. Enjoy.
GitHub Rebase #2
The second installment of GitHub Rebase is now up! Goes over some new, most watched, and busy projects on the site.
GitHub Rebase #1
GitHub Rebase #1, a new weekly column going over what's new at GitHub, breaking down stats, and more.
Where do you get Ruby news from?
Where (else) do you get Ruby news from?
Calculating Age in Rails
I thought figuring out the age of my Rails application's users was going to be easy. Or maybe not.
Loading custom code in Rails
Loading custom code in Rails