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rbazinet — 11 posts

Need a model diagram for your Rails project? I did and found a really easy way to do it using Rails ERD.
The Simplicity that is Pow
I have been using Pow a lot lately and learned a bunch so I wanted to share my experiences - The Simplicity that is Pow.
I had the opportunity to discuss Goliath with Ilya Grigorik of PostRank and it's up on InfoQ, Meet the Goliath of Ruby Application Servers. Thanks for taking a look.
6 Great Ruby on Rails 3 Learning Resources
I have been moving some projects over to Rails 3 and gathering some good resources on coming up to speed on Rails 3. I thought would share 6 Great Ruby on Rails 3 Learning Resources, I hope you find them useful.
Moving Instant Rails Forward
I maintain Instant Rails and looking to get it up-to-date with new Rails 3 and Ruby 1.9.2 and I would like your feedback to to what would be useful to see in a new version of Instant Rails. Please read Moving Instant Rails Forward and give me some feedback.
I wrote up a post about how to Delete Large Numbers of Amazon S3 Files using Ruby. I came across the need to delete several hundred thousand files from Amazon S3 but no tool would work, so Ruby to the rescue.
Running Rails 3 on Windows
I wrote up a tutorial on how-to get Rails 3 running on Windows. In this case, Windows 7 but all flavors of Windows should work.

We mostly see these how-tos for OS X and Linux and rarely Windows. This should get you started without hassle.
I ran into this problem when setting up a new MacBook Pro running Snow Leopard recently and thought others might find it useful when running into the uninitialized constant MysqlCompat::MysqlRes error when trying to connect to a MySQL from Ruby.
Patching Ruby on Rails Refresher
I needed to patch Rails in production today, figured I would share how to patch Rails in the event it wasn't common knowledge - Patching Ruby on Rails Refresher.
I just wanted to point out some information about Ruby DCamp over on InfoQ. I talked with the event organizer and it looks like a great event - Ruby DCamp is Challenging the Economy.
Programmatically Creating Website Thumbnails describes how to get those little images of a web page as a snapshot or image available to display in your application.