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rizwanreza — 23 posts

Mike Mazur talks about Page Objects over at the Neo blog.
I've been seeing quite a lot of activity in the Ruby on Rails collection on Medium:
I wrote about what went down in Portland this year: RailsConf 2013 Review
I wrote a post on RailsInside about UJS in Rails 3. A must read for everyone curious to set jQuery up with it. Includes a neat initializer to load jQuery when using javascript_include_tag :defaults.
The Powerful New Rails Router
I wrote an article for RailsDispatch on the advanced features in Router of Rails 3. It includes a screencast showing how you can create a generic action for static pages in your application. Check it out here.
Yehuda Katz details advanced route methods added in the newly rewritten routes DSL. Essentialy, he talks about how Django's generic views can be ported to Rails 3. Check it out here.
I just posted a rundown on how you'd define routes in Rails 3. Check it out!
Sitepoint has published an article on Jekyll, a static site generator. It goes in detail on installing Jekyll, creating the basic structure, testing the site locally and deploying. It even has a short introduction to Liquid, the tagging engine used by Jekyll. I have found this to be the best available walk-through on Jekyll till now. Check it out here.
Les Hill from Hashrocket posted an interesting article on ensure. He goes over explaining what ensure does and what happens when ensure is used with return.
YARD is a Ruby documentation tool like RDoc that surpasses the features of RDoc to bring richer docs. Check out the blog post on its release and project homepage
Yehuda Katz has written a pretty useful blog post on Metaprogramming in Ruby.
The 2nd part of the 'On the Edge' series of Scaling Rails Screencasts is out. Check out the blog post or download the episode.
Chris Parsons and Corey Haines have launched Katacasts. They describe the site as "a place dedicated to promote screencasts of coding katas to a wide audience of people interested in seeing other craftsmen perform a given kata." They already have a number of screencasts up. Nice to keep an eye on or may be, practice on! :)
John Nunemaker shows how painless it is to deploy an app on Heroku in his blog post.
Gregg Pollack has released a new episode in his Scaling Rails series. This is the part 1 of 3 screencasts scheduled to release in the near future. In the first of these, Gregg introduces three tools: Bullet, Rails Indexes and Scrooge. Check out the blog post or download the episode.
Dr. Nic has written yet another useful post on how you can hack and release gems. He details forking via the Github gem and instantly sharing it as your gem via gemcutter. Click here to read it.
Dr. Nic has written a blog post on the steps required to setup a Rails 3 application. It's a pretty detailed article which covers using Edge Rails to setup a Rails app, using Bundler to fetch dependencies and the whole story behind generators. Read it here.
Yehuda Katz wrote an interesting post on his blog on using the new gem bundler today. It goes over the design goals, how to use bundler in a non-Rails or Rails 2.3 application. Bundler 0.7 is also releasing soon. Read it by clicking here.
mikel has released a Ruby emailing library called mail. It handles emails generation, parsing and sending in a simple, rubyesque manner.
Alchemist is a fine Ruby unit conversion library designed for readability and convenience.
Limelight is a rich client GUI framework unlike any other. Limelight produces app with web's look and feel.
Wysihat Engine
A Rails engine to help integrate the 37signals WyshiHat rich text editor has been developed by 80beans. There is also an introduction to it on their blog.
Engine Yard has a nice writeup on distlockrun, the distributed version of lockrun.
Lockrun is a handy little utility for ensuring you don’t run two of the same cron job (or other task) at the same time on one machine.