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rondale_sc — 10 posts


Vimscript And You!
Just wrote a article outlining how to TDD a Vim plugin with Vimrunner and Rspec.
Vimscript and You!.
Just wrote an article that explains some of the basic concepts of SSL and how to implement SSL in Ruby

Very excited to share this latest library! Image Viewer Rails

It's a rails engine that let's you set up a modal image viewer quickly and painlessly. Using it with forms (for data entry) is where it really shines.

The javascript library that the engine serves is tested in coffee-script, but written in Javascript. View a live demo, and docs via the link at the top of the README. Learned a lot, and had a great time putting this together. Hope you find it useful.
Pry 102: Advanced Features
Give this link a click if you are interested in learning more about the advanced features of the ruby REPL Pry. Pry 102
I just pushed my latest version here: EspnRb. You should check out my blog post introducing you to the library, have fun.
Life in a shade of ruby
I just posted an article about my rendition of Conway's Game of Life in Ruby, you should read it here.
String Theory
Is a double or single quoted string faster. Click Here to see what I found.
Make the most of your Tweet
Here I'll show you how to integrate google's url shortening service with Twitter's tweet button to help make your site's tweet a little more friendly. Make the Most of your Tweet.
Hippo: Your friend for 5010
HIPAA 5010 can be quite overwhelming at first. The complexity the X12 people have fit into a simple flat file consisting a string separated by tildes is very impressive. However, now you have hippo. A DSL to create and read transactions sets in pure ruby!
Hippo: your friend for 5010
Ruby Loves Sass
I just posted ruby loves sass. make a grid in SCSS and learn how well ruby and sass play together.