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rubiii — 24 posts

Very good, in-depth blog post explaining how to debug your Rails Application in Development. Especially useful for beginners.
Still Maintained?
Find out whether projects are maintained, abandoned or looking for a new maintainer via Still Maintained?
I just found this new XML parser called Ox and thought it might be interesting to someone.
The author also published an interesting blog post comparing Nokogiri, libXML and Ox.
And he also wrote Oj (for JSON) which is supposedly way faster than everything else as well.
Just stumbled upon this pattern in my code, googled it and found a nice blog post by Dan Manges explaining the idea. What do you think?
About configuration
A reminder about the possible downsides of global configuration.
Delicious Soap
I just released Savon 2.0. Hope you like it.
The title pretty much says it all. Give it a try!
A refactoring story
I recently refactored some code and would like to share what I've learned.
Savon hits v1.0.0
More stable SOAP for the Ruby community :)
Peterson Ferreira published a blog post about Consuming SOAP Webservices in Ruby.
For everyone that hasn't heard about it yet, JRuby 1.6 was released about 22 hours ago: "9 months, 2500 commits, 1.9.2 support, C exts, and more!". In addition to that, Charles Oliver Nutter just released an interesting blog post entitled JRuby 1.6 Released … Now What?.
@phoet forked the official EuRuKo 2011 website, inviting everyone who failed to buy a ticket to add themselves to the inofficial waiting list. Simply fork the project, add yourself to the list and open a pull request :)
Just released Savon v0.8.0 which fixes quite a lot of bugs and comes with plenty new features. Please take a look at the CHANGELOG and read the all new Savon Guide to get started. Merry christmas :)
Yet another feature flipper for Ruby: Ruby Flipper
Savon 0.8.0.beta.1
Just released Savon 0.8.0.beta.1 which comes with lots of bugfixes and new features. Take a look at the new Guide and give it a try!
HTTPI provides a common interface for using different HTTP libraries. I need this for another project and unfortunately couldn't find anything like it. Please let me know if something similar already exists. If it doesn't, I'd appreciate your support!
Since I expect most of us to use and enjoy Git, please take a moment to participate in the Git User's Survey 2010.
I would love to hear your feedback on the idea of "combining RDoc and RSpec to create testable documentation". Posted a more detailed explanation at:
German article on using Sequel with Oracle on Snow Leopard on the new blaulabs blog.
Check out rspec_validation_expectations.
If you do, then you might want to clean up your specs with RSpec attr extensions.
Ambience - Specify a default (development) configuration in a Yaml file and override its properties via JVM-Parameters for production.
Need some easy to use SOAP client for Ruby? Sick of dealing with soap4r? Go heavy metal with Savon.
In case you're already using Jay Fields Validatable gem, you may want to check out ValidatableAssociations. This Rails plugin and add-on to the Validatable library adds basic associations to your validatable Classes.