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rubyflewtoo — 4 posts

Poor man's guide to managing ruby versions
I just wrote a guide to rolling your own Ruby version management. With a little extra tinkering, you can roll this out as your own ruby version management tool, or just use the tutorial to gain a better understanding of what tools like RVM and rbenv do to your system.
Get your (minitest) specs on with capybara
Ever wanted to get capybara working with minitest spec on a rails project but didn't know how to start? Well, here's a how to with not one but two ways of getting it all to hang together......Rails 3.2, MiniTest Spec and Capybara.
How to write facemash in ruby
I just wrote all about Ruby, Facemash and the Elo rating system. It's a small post which takes a little bit of a test driven approach to re-creating the Elo rating system in Ruby. It's a nice little article, you should go read it.
Test driven development by example is a wonderful book. It could only be better if the examples were all in Ruby :). Mostly, it is pretty easy to convert the code to Ruby if you have some experience.....equality though, can be a little tricky to override if you are relatively new to the language. Fear not, because I've just blogged about how to override the equality operator in ruby, at the same time, throwing in some extra goodness of test driven development.