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shanebdavis — 3 posts

Essence of MVC
Clear, illustrated post on the essence of the Model-View-Controller pattern, its structures, its roles and how to maximize its amazing benefits. The Essence of MVC
New Gem: Literate Randomizer
I wanted an easy way to generate good, random, near-english prose. There wasn't a gem that made me happy, so I wrote a new one: Introducing literate_randomizer. (my blog post)

> LiterateRandomizer.paragraph
=> "Says he slipped rapidly growing in creating. Assure you can't get back. Action of inorganic elements of any binary compressed marked the way up at."
Ruby Concurrency
I've been diving in deep lately writing a highly concurrent server in Ruby, and I've been a bit disappointed. Here are my comprehensive findings on The (Sad) State of Ruby Concurrency.