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shingara — 9 posts

Errbit 0.2.0 released
I just released Errbit 0.2.0 the last version supporting ruby 1.8.7.
Errbit 0.1.0
Errbit is not dead and the errbit team release the 0.1.0 version.
Test your rabl view
If you use Rabl to generate your API output. You need test this generation. This blog post explain how I test my rabl's view.
I discover the Dante gem and I explain why I love it.
Moped a new MongoDB ruby driver
I wrote an article about Moped a new MongoDB ruby driver.
A little article about quiet_assets gem and why it's really usefull.
How and why use periodicTimer
In ruby EventMachine is a great tool. I explain why use PeriodicTimer and how it's works.
Typo gets dynamic permalink URL
Typo, the famous blog engine in Rails gets dynamic permalink in his futur release.
the script performance/request, need ruby-prof-0.6.1.

So how use script performance/request