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shvets — 29 posts

Some ideas about how to create configurations for ruby programs.
In this article I discuss why and how to do virtualization in (Ruby) development. Both - Vagrant and Docker are used for initial setup. Provision is done by the separate gem - linux_provision (similar to Oracle Instant Client Provision and OSX Provision).
If you need to work with Cucumber or Turnip and read data from outside of your script, you can use this little metaprogramming trick.
My instructions on how to configure Macbook Pro on Mavericks to work with ruby and rails with the help of automated scripts (ruby, bash).
This is new gem for simplifying installation of Oracle Instant Client. Gem is here and explanations are here.
New gem: Text Interpolator
It is a simple library for interpolation of variables inside the text. See details here.
My instructions on how to configure Macbook Pro on Mavericks to work with ruby and rails.
Convenient tiny library for executing shell scripts, locally or on remote server: ScriptExecutor. And explanation how to use it in your project.
New article on how to use thor for automating your daily routines as a programmer.
This article describes Ruby gem for wrapping Java jars into Ruby gem and a practical example of how to use it.
Two simple ruby DSL examples
Read this article if you are interested in practical examples of Domain Specific Languages.
New version of google-translate gem is available with text-to-speech integration.
Take a look a new gem: meteo - it provides command line access to OpenWeatherMap service.
You can us WebMock gem in tests and web application services. See details here.
My instructions and code that help to set up code coverage for your project.
I want to share my experience working with Capybara and all the king's men.
I have little hint about separating gems for ruby and jruby when you use bundler.
Some ideas about how to implement executable web applications in Ruby.
Modularity in Javascript
Your Ruby on Rails project most likely have Javascript code and you want to handle it in similar to Ruby way. Read my my blog entry about how it can be done.
Lean how to use Node.js in your Ruby/Rails project. Link is here.
Step-by-step instructions about how to use resource accessor gem.
Simple instructions for migrating your static web site from nanoc to middleman
Today I released new version of Shadow DB Credentials - gem that helps to keep database credentials for rails application in private place, outside of database.yml file. Details are here.
I just launched gemspec_deps_gen gem that could be used for direct dependencies build for your .gemfile based on existing bundler's Gemfile. See details here.
If you want to build your web page in plain html, but program in ruby/erb/haml etc., you can use nanoc builder. Also, if you dont work directly with javascript, use coffescript (as partial or asset). Here are step-by-step instructions of how to do this.
Writing plugin for RubyMine in (j)ruby.
You can extend functionality of RubyMine IDE with the help of JRuby and existing ruby plugins. In this post I share my experience of how to execute HAML/SASS converters from inside of RubyMine editor. This plugin can be handy if you are trying to convert legacy rails application from erb to haml templates.
Scriptlandia-r can help you to run script written for Java VM:
$sl hello.groovy
$sl hello.ant
$sl hello.scala
$sl hello.clojure

etc. See details on github.
My collection of Design Patterns written in Ruby. Previously they were implemented in Beanshell language. Also, a book dedicated to this topic.
Google Translate gem can help you in translating from one language to another right from the command line.