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singram — 2 posts

Just released a new gem cucumber_characteristics to fully profile your cucumber test runs with the goal of understanding exactly where your test time is going. This is not a formatter and should drop into your existing setup transparently.

For each step execution the following is reported
- Location of definition & regex
- Step usage location and number of times executed (background/outline etc)
- Counts for success/failure/pending/etc
- Total time taken in test run along with average, fastest, slowest times per step
For each feature the following is reported
- Location and time taken to run feature
- Result and number of steps run
- Breakdown of feature by individual example run if a Scenario Outline.
There is also added support to list out all unused steps in a cucumber test run to aid step curation. Be aware if you are only running a specific test set, for example via a TAG as you will get a larger number of unused steps than are ‘true’ unused steps.
cucumber_rake_runner is a simple gem allowing you to run rake tasks inline to the current cucumber process for testing behavior and output.
For Jruby users this also eliminates the need to spin up a new JVM per rake task significantly reducing test run time.
The gem captures both stdout, stderr along with the time taken to execute a rake task so that assertions can be made easily against them in your cucumber test suite.