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skwp — 14 posts

Sublayouts in Rails in 3 easy steps. CTO Yan Pritzker shows how to apply domain driven concepts to create "write once, don't modify" code in Ruby on Rails. The video of the talk is up and slides are here.
The team walks through how we switched ElasticSearch versions in production without downtime
Scalable code without bloat: DCI, Use Cases, and You
Testing complex conditionals
Testing complex conditionals - how to simplify nested contexts, and reduce overall tests paths.
Removing conditionals in views at the Dev Blog, so that designers can process view logic easier
Moving into 2014 with learnings from a year of developing a large complex Rails-based marketplace for musicians: 5 architecture anti-patterns and solutions for large Rails apps. Enjoy!
The team shares Three real world examples of RSpec custom matchers. Are you looking for a senior role in a lean team building a fast growing musician's marketplace? Rubyists & iOS people, contact us.
The dev blog gives Ten resources for taking your ruby skills to the next level. p.s. We're hiring.
At we've been building Ruby Services and have decided on a specific stack involving Grape, Roar, JSON+HAL, and ActiveRecord. We've put together a service skeleton that includes all of these things bundled together, so you can get started building your service right away. There's even a deployment script thrown in so you can get it up on your server in about 5 seconds.

Read the blog post which includes slides discussing two service deployment models, or jump straight to the code. Build services today!
Got a complex Rails app in need of decoupling? Check out my post on using Kris Leech's awesome Wisper framework: getting hexagonal with Wisper, a listener framework for Ruby.
Just take a year range like “1980s”, “mid-70s”, “1975-76” and turn it into a high and low year. Very useful when we’re trying to determine when a guitar was made for and want to let users be flexible with what they enter.

The first open source gem from, the marketplace for musicians :)

Check out FlexYear on Github
I just launched an easy rails plugin that lets you make a ascii or html tree of all your partials. Great for refactoring!
Not specifically ruby related, but some nice git tricks and a good reference for many ruby people who are now messing around with git.