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solnic — 33 posts

Yesterday ROM 0.4.0 was released along with updated rom-sql, rom-mongo and rom-rails.
Today Ruby Object Mapper v0.3.0 was released. Here's the official announcement.
The ROM project is being rebuilt using Sequel for RDBMS. Read more about it here.
Mocking and Ruby
Here are some thoughts about mocking and ruby: Mocking and Ruby.
Help Us Build ROM
In case you've been wondering how you could help us build Ruby Object Mapper or maybe you're just looking for some OSS project you could help's how you can help us build ROM.
After a couple of years of using code metric tools I blogged about common pitfalls you may encounter.
Check out my thoughts on TDDing ActiveRecord in Rails. Right here.
...and it's right HERE.
Virtus 1.0.0 was released - you can read about it here.
I just published an article explaining how Ruby Object Mapper works internally. If you're interested in writing ROM adapters or just curious to understand "the magic" behind ROM go and check it out. It's right here.
I wrote a quick introduction to mutation testing using a new gem called mutant. Check it out here.
Just wrote a quick blog post about DataMapper 2 status and roadmap.
I just blogged about subclassing Module class. Check it out here.
Here's my take on SRP in Rails mentioning TDD and good old unit testing.
If you want to learn how Primitive Obsession code smell looks like in Ruby check out my latest post from "Get Rid of That Code Smell" series.
Last week I released Virtus 0.5.0 which is a part of the upcoming DataMapper 2 - check out the announcement on my blog to learn about new features.
Check out my new post about duplication code smell, it's right here.
If you want to learn about Control Couple code smell check out my next blog post from the Get Rid of That Code Smell series.
I started a series of posts about refactoring towards removing common code smells. Here's the first post about the attribute smell:
I'm happy to announce that I've released Virtus 0.2.0 with nice new features. You can learn more here.
Here's why I think you should write controller tests (in case you don't agree): "Yes, You Should Write Controller Tests".
Learn (more) about the development of DataMapper 2.0:
I've put together some of my thoughts about current state of Ruby ORMs, mentioning ActiveRecord, DataMapper and Sequel. Take a look if you're interested in ORM development efforts: The State of Ruby ORM
Here are my thoughts about separating business logic from the persistence: Making ActiveRecord Models Thin. Let's have a discussion!
Check out my announcement about a new project called Virtus which is an extraction of DataMapper Property API.
If you want to learn how to write custom matchers in RSpec 2 go check out my post on that subject.
If you're considering a migration from WordPress to Jekyll check out my notes here.
CodeRack contest site has been converted into an open Rack middleware directory. Read more here
If you're migrating Merb applications to Rails3 or you're about to start doing that then make sure you check out a helper library we've written recently called merb-to-rails3 which will ease the (small) pain of the migration.
Learn how to check JavaScript code with JSLint in your Rails projects. Useful and highly recommended!
Here's why and how we use MySQL and MongoDB in one of our applications thanks to the awesomeness of DataMapper
CodeRack is a coding contest dreamed up by a group of the Ruby programmers at Lunar Logic Polska who were excited about the possibilities of Rack middleware.
If you want to know how remote links and forms will look like in Rails3 then check out a post about unobtrusive JavaScript helpers.