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spyou — 22 posts

I just wrote a piece about the pattern we use to write maintainable JavaScript in our Rails apps. Have a read and let me know what you think.
Rob just wrote a very useful piece, specially if you're looking for an intro on PostGIS and geolocation.Read it on the CookiesHQ blog and let us know what you think.
We recently had to create a spotlight search like feature using Elasticsearch in a rails app. You can read about it on our latest post.
We are developers, and we are lazy. The more we can automate stuff the better it is. So we've put our CI server to the work. Read about it here
Yesterday we had to install a new Linode server for one of our new clients. It was the occasion to review a bit our process and open source our stack scripts and Capistrano database.yml management. You can read about those on the blog post.
We recently had to optimise the reponsive design that we are currently creating, and I've written about our performance approach and you can read it here.
We recently had to test most of the European developer friendly gateway, so here are some names and what we think about them on our blog.
I recently had to create a light mobile version of an existing Rails 2 app. Having used jQuery Mobile for that I tried to compile my different observations on the experience. You can read it on the cookies blog.
The other day I needed to clean a url from one of the parameter, blogged about it on the cookies blog.
Again a new take on an old problem, uploading a CSV file that will alter the structure of your data and testing it with Capybara. You can read the full post on wealsodocookies
I needed to do a CSV export yesterday, and detailed the process from testing to exporting.You can read the complete post on wealsodocookies.
I needed to create multiple Facebook Omniauth login strategies in the same app. So I wrote a post on how I did it. Read the post on Wealsodocookies.
Just wanted to share my helper, that proven to be useful, to share with Facebook when your don't have the relevant OG data. See this post.
I just shared the method I used to test a Facebook login feature using Devise and omniauth on our blog. Hopefully should be useful and easy to extend to multiple providers.
My pair programming review
I've paired the last 2 weeks, and really enjoyed it.My pair programming review, if you've ever paired or are planning to, feel free to add more information in comments.
Tutorial to implement RPX authentication along with Cleareance on Ruby on Rails in 5 minutes. Chek it out at rpx now with clearance in 5 minutes.
Quick post about optimizing Ubuntu mounting options in order to accelerate your test suites. (read the post). It worked for me and accelerated my tests by 55%.
10 things I've learned developing in Ruby on rails: I just wanted to share my experience around past projects, and which mistakes I'll try to not reproduce. I hope it can be useful for beginners.
A post for ruby on rails beginners looking for help and documentation. If i've missed something, just leave it on the comments.Beginning ruby on rails, where to start and find help?.
Simple Jquery with Rails using my application.js and format.js Checkout the tutorial.
How to use twitter_auth in development mode is a beginner tutorial on how to setup your development box with passenger in local, in order to use twitter_auth and twitter callback.
2009 Rubyist's guide to Linux development. After the GiantRobot guide to Mac Os development, here is my Linux guide, with Gedit as a guest star.