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stjhimy — 21 posts

Just added a tiny article explaining how to fix it here
Eco makes coffeescript available on javascript templates, like jst + erb. Rails + Coffee + Eco + JQuery = AWWWW YEAH!.
A new post talking about twitter like urls using the hash-bang(#!) ajax and PathJs
I'm releasing a new version of rack-www. Now it allows you to redirect with or without the www and it's also possible set a message to show while redirecting.
That's my new post.
A quick overview about octopus, the database sharding gem
A simple overview about the new Rails::Generators::TestCase, a nice way to test yours rails generators, just click here
XSS Protection
A short post just to remember WHY developers should take care about XSS protection this days

All together here
Simple tutorial about how to enable devise to allow facebook login.
A short tip about how to use a bundle to specify the folder when using "Go To File" in TextMate.
A simple tutorial about how to use comma as a decimal separator.
You can read it here! It covers installing RVM, installing ruby inside your rvm, setting up rvm to use your specific ruby version, installing rails 2 and rails 3 RC inside different gemsets and switching between different rails versions.

You can find the poll results here

A very simple poll to define some basic informations about the worldwide Rails community.
I'm trying to provide this way a better content to the Rails community :)
You can answer it here.
Just finished posting about that here
Simple tutorial:

*Creating the project and setting the Gemfile
*Changing the CRUD for an unique form
*Changing from Prototype to Jquery
*It's time to the ajax magic
Rails 3 and Authlogic
Just finish posting about how to fix the session problem when working with Rails 3 and Authlogic
Simple tutorial about how to get avatar/images from Gravatar with Ruby on Rails. Includes: 1) What is Gravatar? 2) Understanding how to get images from gravatar. 3) Installing and using gravtastic.
Just finished post in my blog about Using RVM GEMSETS to manage multiple rails installations in the same ruby version
Share if it's useful :)
My last post about Using ActiveRecord::Base methods to create multiple database connections in Ruby on Rails
Good tip How to create a dynamic sitemap using Ruby on Rails