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stonean — 35 posts

The Slim template language project has moved from my personal Github account to be a part of a new slim-template organization.

I'm also pleased to announce that Daniel Mendler (minad on Github) has taken over ownership of the project. He's been the driving force behind Slim for over a year now and has done a fantastic job growing the project.
Slim v1.2.0 released
Just released Slim v1.2.0 which includes support for dynamic attributes. Changes
Very happy to announce the 1.0 release of Slim. Details on this release can be found in the changelog.

Slim is a template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to the essential parts without becoming cryptic.
Slim now supports logic-less mode!
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This release of Slim is a core rewrite that takes advantage of Temple and Tilt to gain a lot of functionality/flexibility. To coincide with this release, Slim now has a dedicated docs site.
Slim, a fast, lightweight templating engine for Rails 3 has made a lot of progress since the initial release last month. Here's a quick summary.
Slim is a template language whose goal is reduce the syntax to the essential parts without becoming cryptic.
Lockdown, an authorization system for Rails(2 and 3) was just released. The release announcement has details on what has changed.
We just launched logicalapi, an interface to manage Github collaborators and Pivotal Tracker members across repos/projects.
This is the first release of Monty, a Rack based authorization system.
For all of you that wanted so badly to attend the Atlanta Ruby User group meeting last night, but just could not make it, here are the slides from my talk on RuHL. RuHL is an HTML based template engine that thinks code in views is bad, presenters are good and testing your views should be easy.
Lockdown, the authorization system for Rails 2.x, just released version 1.6.0. Restarts are no longer required after config changes, read more.
Created to be designer friendly and keep code out of views, RuHL is an HTML parser (using Nokogiri) that utilizes a data-ruhl attribute to make the content dynamic. Has support for Rails and Sinatra.
Lockdown, an authorization system for Rails 2.x, released version 1.3.0: Ruby 1.9 compatibility and RSpec helpers to simplify testing your application's authorization rules. more...
Lockdown, an authorization system for Rails 2.x, has just released version 1.1.0.
Lockdown, an authorization system for RubyOnRails 2.x, has released version 1.0! This version extends your ability to restrict access to to the model level!
RubyTrends Update
Just visit the My Account page at RubyTrends to see what has been added since your last login. It's an easy way to keep up with the new additions. Ever accidentally vote for something? You can remove your vote now as well! Thanks for the feedback, more updates coming soon!
RubyTrends updated!
Thanks to your feedback, has been updated. New features include a popular category (see everything in one spot), tag cloud and comments. More features planned and coming soon! Thanks to everyone for their comments/suggestions!
Screencasts on RubyTrends
Vote for what you use to guide others.
RubyTrends version 2.0!
RubyTrends has been revamped! New (less cluttered) look, new search functionality, new Products section and now you can follow rubytrends on twitter to get updates on the additions. updated!
Vote for what you use to guide others. has been updated with a 'Practices' section. I seeded it with a few basics, just login to add/modify the contents if something is missing or you want to improve the description. It's open.
RubyTrends has badges!
Well, not fancy badges, but you can place a link on your projects' site that will send your faithful users to RubyTrends to vote for your project! Just view your project and use the link at the bottom. Oh yeah, you can easily add your project if it's not there! updated
RubyTrends has been updated with OpenID support and customizable RSS feeds!
Lockdown 0.9.3
Lockdown is now an authorization only system and can be configured to work with authentication systems like Authlogic. Look at the upgrade notes for more details on the changes. Lockdown is for RubyOnRails version 2.x released is a community driven resource to keep everyone up to date with the latest technology, books and other useful information resources.
Lockdown, an authentication/authorization system for Rails 2.x, has just released version 0.8.0. Improved DSL for defining permissions in preparation for the model level security coming in version 0.9.0.
Lockdown (a authentication/authorization system for Rails 2.x) has just released version 0.7.0.
Lockdown improvements
I'm working on a new version of Lockdown and would like to hear of any suggestions. more info...
Lockdown 0.6.2
Lockdown is a authentication/authorization system for RubyOnRails (ver 2.x) - Release Notes and Wiki
Details on the project site.
Old Migration Numbering
This post shows you how to revert back to the "old" migration numbering scheme.
Classy Inheritance
Classy Inheritance adds a depends_on class method to your ActiveRecord model so that you can define requisite objects.
Stage is a code template generator that utilizes helpers as presenters to reduce ruby code used in Merb and Rails views. This blog post has a bit more of a descriptive overview. The idea behind stage is to DRY the view code and use helpers as presenters to reduce the Ruby code used in your views.