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tcopeland — 23 posts

I just released a utility for finding suboptimal Ruby class API usage. It uses runtime code analysis to find problems.
Cleaning up a Rails routes file
Here are some notes on techniques to clean up a cluttered Rails routes file.
Preserving technical knowledge
Some thoughts on preserving technical knowledge as devs change jobs.
Here's a writeup on various ways to create Structs with some suggestions on improvements.
Ye Old Code Finder
Seek you to find olde code written by devs in the distant past? Seek ye no more, but instead employ ye Olde Code Finder.
Reorganizating a Rails data model
Here are a few things I learned while reorganizing a data model for a web app that had been running for over five years.
Since it's my first Angular / Rails app there's not much here for experts, but if you are considering doing one here are some things you might be able to put off until later but still get the job done.
Ruby static code analysis
Some thoughts on Ruby code analysis, specifically discussing some things that are challenging for static analysis tools to catch.
Some code is inefficient because it doesn't use built in standard library functions. Some examples and discussion here. I feel like there are more that I'm missing, can you think of any?
PragProg just announced that the print version of Deploying Rails (written by me and Tony Burns) is being shipped out. The book dives into Puppet, Capistrano, Vagrant, Nagios, Ganglia, and all that sort of devops-y stuff. Enjoy!
A little deployment snafu
Here are some notes on a confusing little Rails deployment issue I ran into.
Here's a tutorial showing how to use JavaCC-generated parsers from JRuby. This lets you use any of these language grammars in your Ruby code.
Various folks are converting their Rails apps from MySQL to PostgreSQL; here's a collection of anecdotes about their experiences. Interesting that Heroku is a driver for some conversions.
Executive summary: use silent-postgres. More details are on
Here's a Capistrano task for setting some installation flags if Rails 3 (i.e., bundler) is having trouble finding your PostgreSQL installation.
Book review - Web Operations
For folks doing devops - here's a book review of Web Operations.
Here are some notes from a talk at PGCon 2010 on "PostgreSQL as a secret weapon for Rails apps". Interesting stuff on tuning PostgreSQL and using ActiveRecord wisely.
Here are some notes from a Pivotal Labs talk on running Rails on PostgreSQL from a while back. Some good content there on partitioning, explain, and all that.
RubyForge now has a REST API
There's a bit of documentation here, and the rubyforge gem now uses it. If you use the rubyforge gem, make sure you do a rubyforge setup to make the new codes work.
Fixing the PassengerMemLimit patch
If you're using Passenger you might want to set PassengerMemLimit to keep memory usage under control. But the original patch is 4 months old and no longer applies cleanly. So I posted an updated patch with some notes on installing it and using the PassengerMemLimit directive.
Upgraded RubyForge to Subversion 1.6.1; anyone used "svnadmin pack" or have other optimization suggestions?
Sphinx, Riddle, and will_paginate
Here's a little code written by Rich Kilmer that gets Sphinx, Riddle, and will_paginate to work together nicely. This is handy if you're not using one of the Rails plugins but are just using the Riddle API directly.
Here are some stats around Rails gem download numbers; 63K installs for Rails 2.2.2 in January 2009 alone. Good times.