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thbar — 16 posts

Based on what I learned implementing billing for my app WiseCash, I extracted an example app of how to use Recurly.js to accept recurring payments with Rails. Note that this is currently for Recurly.js v2 - will adapt it to v3 once I have migrated my app.
As a freelancer, I often stumble upon apps with broken cron jobs - and sometimes it induces really complicated bugs. Today I'm sharing Writing Reliable Cron Jobs, a list of tips on how I avoid these issues.
If you wonder how to integrate the Recurly.js form in your app, this post documents the possible ways to organize your signup workflow. The next episode will dive into the actual implementation of one of those possibilities, using Rails and CoffeeScript.
I'm starting a new series of articles detailing how to take recurring payments with Recurly.js (with Ruby + CoffeeScript). In this first episode, I explain why I picked Recurly and I give a technical overview of the subscription creation process. Feedback most welcome!
If you need to extract data from a system, adapt and transform it to reuse it in another app or a reporting system, while still using Ruby, then look at ActiveWarehouse.

This Ruby ETL tool has just been released in version 1.0.0.rc1, bringing full support for Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3+ and the "mysql2" ActiveRecord adapter.

Join the google group if you have any question!
Jeremy Lecour wrote a nice and useful article on how to use ruby, rvm, passenger, rails and bundler while you develop.
Some hopefully useful feedback from a project where I've mixed Ubuntu and Windows to do the job. Relies on Resque and JRuby.
A couple of notes from my first heroku/mongohq/sinatra deployment.
I've been working on JRuby/Duby interop to implement VST audio plugins. The first working plugin is a LP/HP filter (with cutoff and resonance). JRuby is used for declarative stuff, while Duby is used for computation intensive stuff. The combination gives an interesting Ruby-tasting audio programming experience.
A solution to monitor file changes and getting growl notifications. With bits of Duby, too.
If you're into music and ruby, here are two screencasts demonstrating Nasir (a live coding system). I believe the code is not yet available but should be on github later on, most likely. is in my opinion a very useful application to test emails locally. It simulates a SMTP and offers a way to browse email accounts graphically. Comes with tips to configure ActionMailer.
Jemini let you use your (J)Ruby skills to create games. Jay McGavren provides a nice two-parts screencast (available on if you want to learn more about this nifty project.
Daniel309 made a screencast demonstrating how to use Opaz-PlugDK (experimental JRuby VST plugin framework) to code and tweak VST plugins in real-time.

Also see the blog post here if you need an introduction to this.
In this article I'm sharing the code I use to handle simple time-tracking/invoicing with Google Calendar and rufus-google.

Thanks to John Mettraux for writing rufus-google!
Had some fun analyzing and visualizing my GMail account data.