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the_teacher — 16 posts

TheViking 1.0 - Akismet anti-spam service for Ruby and Rails.

TheViking is repack of Viking gem without support of Defensio anti-spam service.
TheActualLocales is a way to actualize yours i18n locale files and remove legacy keys into multilingual projects
TheDataRoleBlockRails is a mix of 2 popular frontend solutions ai/evil-blocks and kossnocorp/role with few patches for SLIM and HAML.
Take care of your joints! Replace `console.log` with `log` in your Rails App. 5 minutes gem for for Great Good!
TheSotrableTree is popular render-helper for AwesomeNestedSet trees. The Magick of this gem in simplicity of implementation. Gem used recursive function to render tree. But recursion is very slow when tree contain more then 100 items. This problem solved with index-hash. Yesterday I patched this index-hash, because I found logic mistake. Previous versions should works fine, but current version more stable. Please, read release note to know more.
JODY is a technique which uses JSON and conventions to simplify development of sites with dynamic content.
TheRole - Authorization Gem for Ruby on Rails with administrative interface.
version 2.4 released
In this release GUI (based on bootstrap3) moved to external gem.
TheComments - commenting system for Rails 4. Version 2.2.1 released
TheRole - Semantic, Flexible, Lightweight authorization Gem for Rails 4 with administrative interface.
TheComments 2.0 released. TheComments allow for comments with threading for Rails 4. There are few reasons why you should to try TheComments in your web application.
TheRole (Authorization Gem for Rails 4 with admin UI) was updated.
Friday release: TheRole 2.1.1
Great thanks to contributors for pull requests!
TheRole 2.1.0 released.

This release provide methods for massive checking of roles. Please, read release note and project README to learn more.
TheRole is semantic, flexible and lightweight role system for your rails 4 application. All permissions are defined in with 2-level-hash, and store in database with JSON. Using of hashes, makes role system extremely easy to configure and use. Bye bye, CanCan, I got The Role! ;)
TheComments - comment functionality for your web app. Comments are polymorphic. Gem provide usable cache counters for User model and commentable objects. TheComments has simple, but powerfull AntiSpam system and spam traps instead Captcha.

TheComments can become a New Hope for comment system for Rails 4.
TheSortableTree 2.0 - Probably, best way to render Nested Set trees. Ready for Rails 4. This gem is a dream for many CMS developers. Easy to use. Easy to customize. Now it's fast - about 2000 nodes/sec.
Good news, folks! I just released stabile version of the_role gem. It's an alternative of CanCan gem, for authorization. The Role it's Semantic, Flexible, Lightweight solution for autorization. TheRole gem has realtime administrative interface. Bye bye CanCan, I got The Role! P.S.: I need for your issues and feedback.