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themgt — 17 posts

I just wrote up a blog on how to use the excellent websocket-rails gem to build a simple Ruby 2 + Rails 4 realtime chat app and deploy it to Pogoapp. Here's a live demo.
Pogoapp recently replaced it's gitolite server and automation code with a significantly simpler, faster set of redis-backed ruby scripts. If you're trying to scale up complex multi-user git server hosting, this blog and the gist might be of assistance
Pogoapp also just today added Ruby 2.0.0 preview support, and we've written a blog explaining how to use it in your app
A blog post explaining the little CoffeeScript TCP terminal proxy app we wrote, named rama and (essentially) compatible with the heroku command line app's rendezvous client
We've posted a short video showing how easy it is to launch a simple Sinatra web app on Pogoapp with git push deployment, a Heroku-compatible REST API, and the pogo command line client
Introducing Pogoapp
We're building a new app hosting platform with Heroku REST API/buildpack/Procfile/S3 compatibility, running on dedicated servers. This blog post is as an introduction to what our architecture looks like and why. We're looking for a handful of trial users to start kicking the tires and giving us feedback.
I wrote a little blog tutorial on how to create an rbenv hook to auto-load a .powenv (or whatever) file before exec'ing a ruby command through the shell. rbenv is cool
I wrote up a blog benchmarking Rails boot time across a few of our apps in ruby 1.9.2 vs. patched 1.9.2 vs 1.9.3 preview1. Anyone else using one of the various require fixes out there?
I wrote a blog with some instructions and a stackscript for getting an Ubuntu 11.04 linode booted up with rbenv and swapping out the linode kernel for the stock Ubuntu one so the VM can support LXC containers
iOS 5 will have garbage collection, so it's now looking increasingly likely that MacRuby/iOS apps will be possible
We've switched our website & blog over to the cool new Mongo-backed, multi-site Locomotive CMS. It's got some pretty cool features not available in other apps, so check it out
Also as part of CHS11, we wrote a barely-working macruby app that runs in the status bar and uses CoreLocation. The code is terrible but it'll compile, which is something
We wrote a little ruby IVR app at Culture Hack Scotland. call it on skype / source on github
We show how to use thor, pow, nginx and a reverse SSH tunnel to simplify the process of showing a public demo of any app on your local machine
easy edge rails
A slightly different approach at installing edge rails, because some people at RI were having problems. This should be an easy one-shot way to get a new RVM sandboxed edge app
We've just released a little Rack middleware called Grifizoid for serving static files from MongoDB GridFS. Enjoy
I wrote a blog post on how to combine rack middleware and a popular javascript library to easily handle drag & drop multi-file uploads in a Rails app