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timmillwood — 12 posts

Download Sinatra Cookbook now
Today I am announcing the first 8 chapters of Sinatra Cookbook, and to celebrate here's 15% off for you all.
Sinatra Cookbook nearly here
As some of you may remember I had a Kickstarter campaign last year to fund the writing of Sintara Cookbook, however I got delayed and not made as much progress as planned, but this week will be lauching the first 8 chapters to buy and sending these to kickstarter backers too.

More information
We have recently been working with a project where Polymorphic Associations have been used extensively. Here we'll give an example of how they can be used.
I love Mailchimp and has recently started loving Gibbon too. I use it to add people to my Mailchimp lists.
At Millwood Online we seem to have accidentally fallen into specialising in building MVPs for startups. I've blogged about some thoughts about developing the MVP.
Today we're announcing Heroku Subletting. A great new way to share the cost and resources of multiple Heroku Performance Dynos.

Read more about Heroku Subletting
Why do you like Ruby?
While we work on client projects, personal projects and our site using Ruby it's often good to stop and remember why we love ruby so much. Here's why we do.
I've been a busy bee
As well as Sinatra Cookbook, which I am still writing, I'm also building a platform for Freelancers and small agencies to better manage clients, Husk CRM.

To help potential clients I've built a project planner form, as I've got availability for more projects going into Q2 2014.

Then this morning, I blogged about SaaS and PaaS.

Like I said, busy busy bee.
Sassy Sinatra
I just created an example Sinatra app using Sass, posted it on Github and blogged about it.

wow. so sass. such sinatra.
Back on November 20th I started a Kickstarter campaign to fund an ebook, Sinatra Cookbook, featuring 12 "real world" example Sinatra applications.

There is now just 24 hours remaining and even though the target has been met you can still pledge for Kickstarter exclusive items such as, each chapter via PDF as it's written (£15 / $24) and Sinatra Cookbook t-shirt, mug and pens. There are also higher level rewards including 1:1 tuition.

Head over to Kickstarter to take a look
With just a few days left of the Sinatra Cookbook Kickstarter campaign, I have blogged about it.

Please get your final pledges in.
I just blogged about how Sinatra Cookbook has reached 50% of it's kickstarter goal.

The book won't published unless the Kickstarter campaign reaches it's £2,500 goal.

Please help with pledges and sharing!

Thank you!