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tpitale — 12 posts

Let Austen Ito show you how he builds a basic infrastructure with Docker, Chef, and Rails!
How to Pick Languages
Adam Keys shares our latest GrowingDevs article on some techniques for picking languages. While not strictly about Ruby, this is a great guide for finding a language to try next.
Battling Complexity in Ruby
New article by Coraline Ada Ehmke (@Bantik) on the challenge of battling complexity in Ruby and a new solution: Fukuzatsu.
Rails' history with front-end asset management is somewhat complex, involving a mixture of gems and manual file management. Fortunately, there's now a better way—Bower. …Continue Reading - by Dave Copeland
The Rails Way to handle views is one area that quickly grows unwieldy in larger projects. I'd like to share how I use SimplestView to clean up my views, and their corresponding controllers and helpers. Check it out!
A few of the benefits of using the RubyMotion toolchain to develop iOS apps from a beginner's perspective. A Beginner's Take on RubyMotion -Travis Valentine on Growing Devs
Ruby Resty
Software is hard. Writing cURL requests shouldn't be. - Austen Ito on Growing Devs
I'm trying out Prism.js for highlighting Ruby code on my Github Pages blog so I made a quick post on how to add it. Prism.js makes it very easy! Check it out and let me know how you think the code reads. - Tony
A bit about how we're doing daily email standups. Why we do it, how we do it, and how to set up to automate the email. - Tony Pitale
Since Steve Klabnik released version 0.7.0 of the active_model_serializers gem and Ryan Bates has produced an excellent Railscast on the topic, I thought I would contribute a little post on using ActiveModel::Serializers with DataMapper. I hope you enjoy it. Please tweet any questions to me @tpitale.
I just released mail_room to make it easy to have gmail email messages pushed into your Rails applications and wrote a little bit about it on - Tony Pitale
I just launched SimplestView to make it easy to move logic out of ERB templates and into a view class. I explain how I arrived at my approach on - Tony Pitale