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tsmango — 20 posts

Registration has opened for the 2014 Rails Rumble! Reserve a spot for your team today - don't miss out! We're expecting to see an amazing bunch of apps now that everyone will be deploying to Heroku.
We're thrilled to announce that we've partnered with Heroku for the 2014 Rails Rumble! Read all about this and our other announcements on our blog.
Keeping with tradition, Adam Doppelt of Dwellable just released the 2013 Rails Rumble Gem Teardown.
This year, Darcy Laycock of (last year's winning team in the Rails Rumble) was kind enough to write something about building an app in 48 hours for the rumble. Give it a read!
I'm extremely happy to announce that registration for the 2013 Rails Rumble is now open! For all the details and a link to reserve a spot, please check out this blog post.
Registration for the 2013 Rails Rumble opens on October 7th at 00:00:00 UTC. To hold you over until then, we've just announced this year's prizes and sponsors, so check them out!
Announcing Rails Rumble 2013
I'm ridiculously excited to announce that the Rails Rumble is back for 2013! Please help spread the word!
This year's Rails Rumble will be the biggest yet!
Registration for the 2012 Rails Rumble is now open! See here for details.
Official registration dates & competition details for the 2012 Rails Rumble are now live! - Please help spread the word!
The Rails Rumble is back and will be held on the weekend of October 13th and 14th. Registration opens soon, so I hope you're ready!
I just wrote about getting to know ActiveSupport::Callbacks. You'll learn to use callbacks in your own classes as well as how ActiveRecord life cycle callbacks are implemented using this module.
I just released ActiveConfiguration, a generic settings store for ActiveRecord models.
I've just released a couple of Jekyll plugins.

AliasGenerator is a plugin for generating redirect pages for posts.

FlickrSetTag is a plugin for generating image galleries from Flickr sets.
I created a simple plugin that adds a to_b method to various classes. You can read about it here.
A Cacheable Hash That Stays Synced
Rails.cache freezes values in hashes that are cached directly. CacheableHash is a wrapper for Hash objects that prevents that from happening. Changes to the Hash being wrapped are automatically persisted back to the cache store so that everything stays in sync.
This is the second article in a series of articles explaining how to get your existing rails application on facebook. This article focuses on unifying your user base.
There's already a ton of information out there about writing a Facebook application from scratch with Rails. In this blog post I'll tell you how to get your existing rails application on facebook.
A better Array#rand
This plugin overrides the Array#rand method that Rails gives you to support not only getting a single random element of the array back, but also a random subset of elements (as an array) from the source array.
A better Rails.cache.increment
This blog post explains how Rails.cache.increment and Rails.cache.decrement can be improved upon.