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txus — 10 posts

I just wrote in the Wimdu Engineering Blog about performance optimization with pry-debugger :)
I just wrote about Traitor, an implementation of Traits for Ruby 2.0.
I just wrote a a post about Aversion, my new library to make versionable Ruby objects :)
I just wrote a blog post about translating Ruby to natural language, and a tool that I wrote to do it :)
I just blogged about a few traits and attitudes of the Ruby community that I consider we should get rid of collectively. Dragons ahead.
Learning with Terror...VM
I just blogged about some thoughts I got as a Ruby programmer about my recent experience diving into the low-level, dirty world of application Virtual Machines, building one myself.
Mutation testing with Mutant
I just released a new version of Mutant, a mutation tester for Rubinius, and blogged about it.
I just wrote an article about the motivations behind this bytecode REPL, for all Rubinius lovers!
I just released the first version of micetrap, a nifty tool which set traps to mislead port-scanning hackers (and log information about them!).
Just released hijacker, a gem to spy on your ruby objects and send their activity to different hijacker servers, which can handle it in different ways.