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ugisozols — 6 posts

What do you do in Ruby when you need to get a count of elements in an array? You use methods like count, size or length. Ok, but do you know what’s the difference between those methods? I’m not talking about Rails and ActiveRecord and the different approaches each of these methods take to return a count. I’m talking about plain old Ruby.
Refinery CMS 2.1.0 released
After more than a year and 1227 commits from 45 contributors around the globe we are very excited to announce that Refinery CMS 2.1.0 has been released.

You can read the full blog post here.
I’m putting together a Ruby 2.0 talk for a local Ruby meetup group and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to write down what I have learned about Keyword Arguments which is a new feature in Ruby 2.0.
I wrote a tiny blog post about Hash#fetch default value gotcha.
Here's a quick tip on how to get a random element from array using Array#sample -
We are planning on holding a "Refinery CMS Day" on the 30th of July. The purpose of this day is to fix as many issues related to Refinery CMS as possible so that we can support Rails 3.1 when it is released. Read the full blog post here.