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walski — 7 posts

Señor Developer and the So Coded Conference in Hamburg, Germany are teaming up for a 24 hour only sale. Get a discounted So Coded Ticket and a limited edition Señor Developer shirt with a lovely pink print. Only valid before tomorrow (20th Aug 2013) 10am CEST.

Get your ticket here.
The So Coded indie web developer conference taking place in Hamburg, Germany on September 19th and 20th has one remaining early bird ticket on sale for 210€. Be awesome, join us in Hamburg and save 50€ :) or grab your ticket here:
An Indy Web Development Conference in Hamburg, Germany

We are premiering this year as a two-day conference dedicated to the web in Hamburg. With 150 develipers and a about a dozen international speakers (including Paul Campbell's only talk this year as well as Ruby Hero Konstantin Haase) we are bringing Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP and our shared passion for the web together. We want to think out of our daily small box and discover new technologies.

Unfortunately over time many bigger events have lost focus on their one most important asset: You! So Coded is all about hacking. We will curate lots of hands on experiences, have the time, the room and the right atmosphere (we rented out a whole old police station that comes with 2 bars, live streams of all talks to the bar, great food, and so on!) to meet a lot of old and even more new friends and share your crazy ideas with them.

Visit our website or get an early bird ticket now.
A short overview of how Dropbox, git and Phusion Passenger a.k.a. mod_rails can play together to make your application deployments dead easy. You don't even need a shell anymore! Have a look at our Techlog
No Kahuna,a cool task management service, is now directly accessible from Ruby with Neoneo the No Kahuna Ruby wrapper. It uses WWW::Mechanize and it's available as a gem from rubyforge called neoneo.
Babylon provides an eay way to determinate a text's language using the Google AJAX Language API via John Nunemakers HTTParty gem. Just download the gem via: gem install babylon and read the Readme file or the docs for further information.
Using Yahoo!'s Term Extraction Webservice it's now pretty easy to extract tags a.k.a. keywords from any textual content (works best with texts written in English but it's still ok for other languages as well) with the Tags4Free Gem available at: Rubyforge and GitHub (source) - For further information have a look at the docs.

Big thanks to John Nunemaker for his HTTPaty library!