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wbharding — 6 posts

We just launched the our biggest Ruby project so far, a tool that can identify the foreground/background of an image and return results. Let us know what you think
I just posted a synopsis of our most recent Rails upgrade (to 3.2) and observations on the ever-slowing pace of serving a request in Rails
I've documented my attempt to determine the minimum possible steps in getting an AJAX upload to work with Rails 3 and Carrierwave. Feedback welcome.
I've put together a shortish blog on our journey from Exception Notification through flotsam up to Errbit. If you have a medium-to-large Rails app and your code ever has errors, this post is for you.
I recently put together a Rails hosting comparison of Heroku, EC2 and Blue Box Group. I attempt to compare prices on an apples-to-apples basis as best possible (hint: EC2 wins), and analyze the circumstances in which each host is a best fit.
Rails 3 Slave Database Solutions
More and more Rails sites are scaling to the point where they need support for multiple databases. This blog details some of the key differences between the Rails 3 multi-database poster child, Octopus, and an up-and-comer (seamless database pool) aimed more specifically at supporting slaves with failover and database weighting baked in.