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wikimatze — 8 posts

I uploaded a new version of pumog 1.0.1. Pumog stands for **PuppetModuleGenerator** and can be used to generate a basic structure for new puppet module with or without documentation.
New blog post: Code Coverage Tools For Padrino.
New blog post "Deploying Padrino Applications On Heroku"

I was always asking myself how I can use cloud services like heroku to deploy Padrino applications without having an own server.

In this post I’m going to show you how you can a simple “Hello Padrino” app on heroku.ones without and ones with database interactions.
I have just written a new blog article about Browsing Padrino's Code Base With Ctags in Vim.
I've written a blog post how to write shell completion functions for the zsh. The use case is the Padrino framework.
I have written a new blog about testing helpers in Padrino. I'm sure the spec in this post can be written in a better way. Thanks for helping me out to improve it.
I wrote a blog post about Using Sprockets to Manage the Asset Pipeline in Padrino. Please give me feedback!
Just pushed next version of zimki gem.

Zimki converts files written in the zim Desktop format to textile.