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This week, the Ruby Rogues welcome a past Rogue back to discuss producing content beyond programming. From newsletters to podcasts, membership sites and video how-tos, Peter Cooper shares his insight on branching out.
This week the Ruby Rogues welcome their guest Rogue, Bryan Helmkamp, to discuss code metrics, what that is, and tools and services to derive and report that data in a number of useful (and some scary) ways.
This week the Ruby Rogues have an all out, knock-down drag-out battle royale over text editors and integrated development environments.
This week The Ruby Rogues discuss teaching and learning programming languages, the 'Rogues' first languages and more.
This week the Rogues talk about different methods of versioning projects, the advantages and disadvantages of several different schools of thought on the subject and they share a few words on release processes as well.
Today the Ruby Rogues discuss estimation, tracking of projects, measuring speed and better managing project time.
This week the Ruby Rogues discussed benchmarking and profiling, tools to use, what the results mean and how to (and not to) use those results, with Aaron Patterson.
This week the Ruby Rogues discussed the book Eloquent Ruby by Russ Olsen.
I just launched Rails Rookies. I've gotten a lot of requests for courses for Ruby on Rails. So, I'm now offering the most popularly requested courses. If you're looking for a course on Ruby on Rails Basics, Testing Ruby on Rails, or more Advanced Ruby on Rails features, I'm offering courses on each. Go to for more information.
Technical Debt
The Ruby Rogues discussed Technical Debt, where it comes from, how to recognize it, and how to avoid it. Our panel included James Edward Gray II, Aaron Patterson, Josh Susser, and Charles Max Wood
If you’re trying to learn Ruby on Rails, here’s a quick audio explanation of model associations with ActiveRecord.
Video: How Ruby Koans Works
Are you looking at learning Ruby better? Here’s a quick video showing how Ruby Koans works.
Interview with Josh Berkus
I’ve posted the second half of my interview with Josh Berkus from the PostgreSQL Core Team. In this episode, we talked about the interesting parts of and merits of the various NoSQL/non-relational databases.
If you’re trying to learn Ruby on Rails, the Rails Coach Podcast goes into ActiveRecord Callbacks to manage the workflow of your models.
Eric Berry put together a terrific demonstration on how to create a like or +1 button with make_flaggable. Check it out if you’re looking to duplicate the functionality that currently exists in Google+.
On the Teach Me To Code podcast, I discuss investing in your knowledge portfolio. If you’re looking for good ways of moving ahead in your career, I list a few suggestions.
Prompted by Matz joining Heroku, the Ruby Rogues discuss corporate sponsorship of open source software. Our panel includes Charles Max Wood, Dr. Nic Williams, James Edward Gray, Josh Susser, and Peter Cooper.
Are you a new developer trying to learn Ruby on Rails? The latest Rails Coach podcast discusses before, after, and around filters in controllers.
In the latest Ruby Rogues podcast, we discuss the when, how, and why of metaprogramming in Ruby. Our expert panel includes Avdi Grimm, Josh Susser, David Brady, James Edward Gray, Charles Max Wood, and Gregory Brown.
I interviewed Josh Berkus from the PostgreSQL core team. We talked about the tradeoffs of using MySQL vs Postgres, the history of the databases, and relational database concepts.
I released a video that explains the basic schema concepts for cassandra and the cassandra ruby gem. If you’re considering NoSQL options, check this one out!
The Ruby Rogues discussed their personal design rules for programming in the latest episode.

Panelists include James Edward Gray II, Josh Susser, Avdi Grimm, David Brady, and Charles Max Wood
I released a video last week demonstrating how to build a star rating system with Ruby on Rails and jQuery. It's a simple system that uses the jQuery click() function to highlight stars and send an AJAX request to the Rails server to save the rating.
The Rogues are at it again! This time talking about RubyGems and open source project maintenance. We also went into some of the community aspects of the RubyGems project and what it means.
Rails Many-to-Many Primer
I just posted a much requested video on many-to-many associations at This is part 1 on a 3 part series on many-to-many associations. If you have a topic you'd like to see a video on, go to Teach Me To Code and click "Request a Topic."
Ever wanted to have a rousing discussion on which templating language to use in your application? Are you a HAML nut or an ERB freak? Think SASS is the bee's knees?

James Edward Gray, Peter Cooper, Wynn Netherland, and Charles Max Wood talked about all of that stuff and CoffeeScript on the latest Ruby Rogues podcast episode. Go check it out.
If you liked the crazy antics of the panel in the first Ruby Rogues podcast, you'll enjoy the second. Joined by Evan Phoenix (Rubinius developer) we talk a lot about the actual implementation of Ruby. You can also now get the podcast in iTunes.
Tom Preston-Werner Interview
Do you love Github? Want to know about some of their magic? I interviewed Tom Preston-Werner, one of their co-founders. We talked about the origins of the company. How they run it. How Tom thinks about building applications and contributing to Open Source.

We also learned why he goes by @mojombo all over the internet.
I was curious about how Rails 3.1 was going to manage CoffeeScript and include jQuery, so I created a simple app and tried it out. Here's a 10 minute video on just how simple it is.
I recorded a podcast episode about the principles you need to understand to implement authentication in Ruby on Rails and I go over some best practices and security details I feel are often neglected.
Since the announcement that CoffeeScript will be part of Rails as of version 3.1, I thought a tutorial is in order. You can watch it on Teach Me To Code.
I released a new podcast episode where I discuss the basics of Ruby on Rails model validations. If you're new to Rails or need to pick up some ActiveRecord chops then check it out.
The DHH RSpec debate
I weighed in on why I think debates are important and what I got out of the DHH debate in a recent podcast episode. I think this type of debate is important, even if we don't agree.
Ruby on Rails Course
If you're looking to learn Ruby on Rails, I'm teaching a six week Basic Ruby on Rails course starting next Monday. So, sign up quick to get in.
I talked to Chad Fowler about his book the Passionate Programmer and building a remarkable career. Chad shared some terrific insights on becoming a better programming and making your career a great one!
Compass, SASS, and 960 Grid
I just released a video detailing how to get set up with Compass, SASS, and the 960 grid system. It also goes into some of the workings of SASS. SASS is a super handy way of writing stylesheets.
This video is the second installment in the Delicious Clone series on Teach Me To Code.

It demonstrates how to set up Devise and uses Cucumber to create the steps for logging in successfully.
How to Set Up Rails
Are you trying to learn Ruby on Rails? Here's a quick video on how I set up my Rails applcations.
Andy Hunt Interview
I interviewed Andy Hunt about becoming Agile and moving along the continuum from Novice to Expert. It was a terrific interview and he gives great points on both (including things you can do to become more agile.)
I've had a few people ask me about how to manage branches in Git, so I made a short video.
Peter Cooper Interview
I posted an interview I did with Peter Cooper last week. It was great to talk to him about Ruby, writing his book, building a social media presence, and ways we can contribute to the community.
Interview with Corey Haines
I interviewed Corey Haines about his Journeyman Tours, Code Retreats, and learning better programming practices. He provides a ton of great information about how to elevate yourself from journeyman to master.
Ruby|Web Conference is right around the corner! It's September 9-10 at Snowbird Resort in Utah. You can also hear my interview with conference organizer Mike Moore here.
This is the continuation of the Rails 3 Build a Blog series. This episode includes implementation of the Edit and Destroy methods on the Posts Controller. There are a lot of things left to cover on Rails 3, but this gets you the basics of the MVC framework and how to use Cucumber to build your application using BDD.
I ran into a couple of snags when Upgrading from Rails Beta 4 to the Release Candidate. I recorded the problems and fixes in a video and put it on Teach Me To Code.
I interviewed Geoffrey Grosenbach from and the Ruby on Rails podcast about programming and entrepreneurship. Go check it out!
The second part of the tutorial for building a blog with Ruby on Rails version 3. We demonstrate how to set up some basic routes, manage the controller and views, and create a basic form for creating posts.
This episode of the TeachMeToCode podcast is an explanation of how I came to programming and why I approach things the way I do. It's a journey through Electrical Engineering, QA, Tech Support, and Consulting.
I interviewed Eric Malamisura, the creator of Agile Dash, a new tool for Agile Development. You can get the interview here.

He gave us some great advice on going into business for yourself, building great software, and made some interesting book recommendations.
I just started a new series on demonstrating how to build a blog on Rails 3.

Every good project needs a good setup. In this episode, I set up a github repo, create a new rails application, hook in Cucumber and Rspec, write a Cucumber feature, and write the code to make it pass.
Continuous Integration
I just released an episode of the Teach Me To Code podcast about Continuous Integration. Give it a listen!
You remember that TATFT guy? Bryan Liles? I just interviewed him on the TeachMeToCode podcast.
I just put up a video demonstrating custom RSpec Matchers. Go check it out at
I just interviewed with Andrew Shafer, co-founder of the Agile Roots conference, developer on Puppet, and entrepreneurial and agile development genius!
Ruby Methods with Spaces
Joon You put together a short video called Ruby Methods with Spaces on

This is an introduction to Ruby metaprogramming where I cover two different ways to define a method. The idea actually started as a joke, but there are valuable lessons to be learned here.
This is the second part of the interview with Miles Forrest. We talked about learning Rails, micro-brigades, and the Ruby Community.
I recently interviewed interviewed Miles Forrest for the Teach Me To Code (formerly Rails Coach) Podcast. We had a great talk about podcasting, programming, life, and building Ruby Brigades.
I interviewed Kevin Rutherford. Kevin is the author of Refactoring in Ruby, the developer behind Reek, and an Agile Coach.
Here's a video on a terrific feature of RSpec that allows you to write concise and readable tests.
Dave Thomas Interview - Part 2
Get the second half of my interview with Dave Thomas here. Dave Thomas of the Pragmatic Programmers explains the genesis of the publishing company, Agile software, learning new programming languages, and building your own business.
Do you have trouble remembering those pesky percent functions? (%q %w %x %r) Here's a 7 minute video on how they're used. just launched a new video about RVM that shows you how to manage your Ruby versions and gem sets and how to set up Rails 3.0 on Ruby 1.9 so you can try out the enhanced versions of each.
I interviewed Chad Fowler, the major force behind several of the ruby conferences and author of Rails Recipes and the Passionate Programmer. We talked about how to enhance your career and how to become the best developer you can be.
Notes from ActiveRecord::Base
I was reading the source code for ActiveRecord::Base and made a few notes of things I found that I didn't already know. You can read them here.
There's a new screencast about Gem Bundler on Check it out!
In this episode of the Rails Coach Podcast, we discuss why your application needs tests, why developers and QA both have responsibility for testing, and what you should be testing. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast.
In this episode I discuss the value that developers gain and add by understanding business and how their employer or client makes their money.