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xfitzyx — 36 posts

A new post up at the blog about data sets with FactoryGirl.
Should my company choose RubyMotion or Swift?
We've been writing a few Swift apps at TFG. Here's a summary of our experience shifting from RubyMotion .
Next post in our Reflecting on RubyMotion Experiences series.
RubyMotion - Under the hood
A recap of how you might see what’s going on under the hood in RubyMotion
Reflecting on RubyMotion Experiences at The Frontier Group – Part 1 in a series of Rails to RubyMotion tips
Writing a good README
New blog on writing a good README for Rails projects.
Let's talk about RubyMotion
New post about our experience with RubyMotion.
Handling Non-Persisted Data
New post: Handling Non-Persisted Data over at The Frontier Group blog.
Just Add a Dash of Include to Your Spinach
Dan talks Spinach with his latest blog post.
HTTP Status Codes and RESTful API crafting
Latest post at The Frontier Group's blog: HTTP Status Codes and RESTful API crafting.
Git Basics: Cleaning up excess branches
Rails app repository getting out of hand? Learn how to clean up all that excess.
My (new) favourite RSpec pattern
New blog post: My (new) favourite RSpec pattern
MailCatcher has been around for a while now, but there's been numerous updates, so definitely worth a look if you haven't started using it in development.

MailCatcher – a super simple SMTP server that intercepts email for testing
Our first Guest Series post, by Peter Cooper

Capybara-WebKit: Bringing WebKit to your integration tests.
Latest blog post by Mario. A gem for interacting with Introducing Has Face for Rails
Stubbing out Rails.env
New Blog Post: A Solution to stubbing out Rails.env.
New Blog Post: @sj26 writes about: Compass and SASS (not SCSS) in the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline.
New Blog Post: Pluralizations and Singularizations (Inflections) in Rails 3
Checking form submissions with Cucumber-Nagios
New Blog: Checking form submissions with Cucumber-Nagios.
There is a gem called ydd that offers really simple import and export of smallish databases. It exports to YAML and then imports to whatever database Rails can connect to. After using YDD a few times I’ve found it easier to pinpoint the cause of problems that occur using taps.

Simple Database Export and Import With Character Encoding Conversion.
RSpec 2.6.0 and RCov
Just upgraded to the newest RSpec (2.6.0) and found that RCov has stopped working completely? Check out Mario's post: RSpec 2.6.0 and RCov.
New Blog Post: Catch mail and serve it through a dream with MailCatcher (by @sj26).

Here at The Frontier Group we were having trouble finding a simple, extensible way to look at email sent out by our web applications during development. After trying quite a few alternatives, one of our developers Sam Cochran sat down in some spare time and forced slender man into skinny jeans strapped to a mailbox to create MailCatcher.
New Blog by Mario - Sending Apple Push notifications in Rails with Redis and apn_sender.
New Blog Post: Allowing Multiple Users to Use The Pivotal Tracker Gem by Aaron Todd.
Darcy (Sutto) shows us how to use Coffeescript in Rails - Using Coffeescript in Rails.
New Blog Post from Mario: Adding additional processing support to CarrierWave.
New Blog Post: Darcy Laycock (@sutto) - Introducing Test Driven Development (TDD) with Rails 3.
Rubysource has just launched as a resource for Ruby on Rails developers. Our opinion piece featured - Why Our Business Runs on Ruby on Rails.
Blog Post: Accessing ActiveRecord and ActiveModel Callback Chains in Rails 3.
Composing Scopes on Multiple Models in Rails 3
Our new blog post on Composing Scopes on Multiple Models in Rails 3.
Aaron's post on Reloading Factory Girl Factories in the Rails 3 Console
Getting Started with Rails 3 - part 2 by Darcy Laycock of The Frontier Group
Getting Started with Rails 3
Getting Started with Rails 3 by Darcy Laycock of The Frontier Group
Ruby on Rails Best Practices
Darcy's post regarding Ruby on Rails Best Practices featured on Sitepoint.
Posted by Darcy Laycock (The Frontier Group) - A brief introduction to the RVM Ruby API.
RVM: More than Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3
Sutto's post - RVM: More than Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3. RVM is best known as a tool to help developers upgrade their applications to newer versions of Ruby and Rails (3 specifically). That said, for ruby developers, it has many features which help to make their workflow far simpler.