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zadasnotes — 15 posts

Just launched a bootstrap plugin to autocomplete tags for contenteditable div elements. It works in the same way tagging people on Facebook, Twitter or Sandglaz works.
Maktoub 0.2.3 is now released. It includes a new controller action that allows for unsubscribing as well as improved reliability when sending newsletters to a large group.

Be sure to include your unsubscribe method definition in your configuration files, e.g.: Maktoub.unsubscribe_method = "unsubscribe"

Original maktoub announcement is here.
Announcing The Sandglaz API with Restful interface and uses Oauth2 for authorization using Devise Oauth2 Providable. Here is the API documentation.
An algorithm that extracts (sometimes guesses) names and emails from a comma separated list of email addresses.
Just open-sourced Maktoub, a Rails newsletter gem on github
Your estimates suck
Releasing early and often? Respect The Iron Triangle or your code quality will suffer.
Migrating from Webrat to Capybara
This is a collection of tips on how to migrate from Webrat to Capybara using RSpec.
jQuery tip: sanitize input fields
Short, easy and straight to the point. Sanitize input fields with jQuery
As a fan of agile development, and as a member of a 2 person team building a rails web app, I'm sharing my two cents on product backlog prioritization. The blog post is targeted to small teams who like lightweight and iterative processes. Also, many thanks to the ruby and the rails community and all your advice and gems. Launching Sandglaz wouldn't have been such a success without you.
Friendly error messages in Rails forms
This tip suggests a way for making Rails form error views more user friendly.
Are you looking for a way to schedule and reschedule jobs? delayed_job is a popular plugin used to handle long running tasks in the background. Another use for it, perhaps not as well documented, is to schedule tasks at a specific time. Here is a post illustrating a couple of ways to do so
Rails 3.0.4 changes the handling of forgery protection for AJAX requests. Details in blog post...
Looking for a fast and easy way to persist data across requests? Class Variables as Cache might be your answer
Rails Tips: form_tag and PUT method
If you are having problems getting form_tag to use a PUT method on submissions, this might help.
This post goes over how to do validate the value of an attribute in a Rails 3 model based on the value of a parent model.