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JSON dynamic attributes with Rails

We had a tricky problem. We knew that the columns for one particular model would need to change over time. That was easily solved with a JSON field, but we also wanted to support validations on this field – validations that are assigned to the model at the time of creation. Read the article by Heitor Silva

Language Syntax Pragmas: Let's Evolve Ruby by Experimenting in a Pragma(tic) Way

Hello, I’ve put together a new pragmas gem / library for language syntax pragmas that lets you turn on the future today or add your own ideas for easy (re)use for everyone. Let’s evolve the ruby language together by experimenting in the wild in a pragma(tic) way. First language syntax pragmas include match patterns, enum and type types, auto numbered arguments, and more. What’s your idea / pragma? Yes, you can. Happy coding in (future) ruby with pragmas. Cheers. Prost.

michelson - test simulator / runtime for type-safe 'n' functional (crypto) contracts

Hello, I’ve put together michelson - a test simulator and runtime library / gem that lets you write and run type-safe ‘n’ functional (crypto) contracts in yes, it’s just ruby. See the Let’s Count or the Let’s Vote examples to get started with functional type-safe Liquidity (OCaml/ReasonML)-style programming in ruby. Happy (crypto) contract programming and blockchaining with (secure) ruby.

Flor workflow engine

Flor is a Ruby workflow engine. It interprets workflow definitions, controlling the flow of work, handing tasks to participants. Flor workflow engine is a blog post presenting the project, its features and characteristics.

Messages on Rails Part 2: Kafka

In the first part of this series, we were exploring some potential options for communication between services – what their advantages and disadvantages are, why HTTP API is not necessarily the best possible choice and suggesting that asynchronous messaging might be a better solution, using, e.g. RabbitMQ and Kafka. Let’s focus this time entirely on the latter. [more inside]

The State of Bool in Ruby - Everything You Never Wanted to Know

Hello, for the Vienna.rb April meetup I’ve put together talk notes on: The State of Bool in Ruby - Everything Your Never Wanted to Know . The contents reads: Trivia Quiz - The States of Bool ++ Bool Basics / Classes, Classes, Classes // Truthy and Falsy - (Almost) Everything is True // The state of built-in bool conversions - to_s, to_i, to_b, to_bool and so on. Happy coding in ruby with (or without) Bool. Cheers. Prost.

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