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Hello folks, I’m happy to present RailsBump, which I have been working on for a while! RailsBump is useful to anyone looking to upgrade the Rails version of their app. It shows you whether your favorite gem (or all gems in your Gemfile) is compatible with the next Rails release. Check it out and let me know what you think: If you have ideas for more features or run into problems, please open a Github issue:

Exploring Merge Sort With Ruby

You’ll probably never implement sorting from scratch. But sorting algorithms are foundational in computer science and have become a standard feature of the ritual hazing…er…interview process for developers at all levels. In this article, Julie Kent introduces us to the merge sort algorithm. She’ll show us how it works, implement it in ruby, and discuss its performance characteristics. [more inside]

mruby3.0 introductory Webinar

Hello, Have you heard about Matz’s new language, mruby? mruby was released to the public in 2012 and will be updated to version 3.0 this winter. mruby can be used for a variety of applications from enterprise embedded development, game development, and web server add-on function development to fun personal projects using microcontrollers. In this webinar, Matz himself will talk about the new mruby and answer your questions, so we encourage you to join us. We look forward to having you in the webinar!

football-cat gem - concatenate football.csv datafiles - make out of many, one

Hello, I have put together the new little football-cat gem / tool that lets you concatenate match files (for football clubs or national teams) in the one-line, one-match & one-file, one-season Football.CSV format into one PLUS (auto-)adding the missing league and season headers / columns inferred from the file’s basename (e.g. es.1.csv => ES1) and the file’s directory (e.g. /2020-21/ => 2020/21), for example. Happy data wrangling with ruby. Enjoy the beautiful game. Cheers. Prost.

ShinyCMS 20.11 - the 'tricky second album' release ;)

Not quite the first of the month, but I tagged and released v20.11 of ShinyCMS a few days ago. There was a surprising amount of stuff in the release notes - apparently I’ve been busy - but the highlights are mentioned on the main release page (the first link here). In particular, all the models now have ‘soft delete’ via acts_as_paranoid, atom feeds are generated for the blog and news sections, and I added a set of partials and helpers for adding consistent pagination and search to pretty much every ‘list of data’ (index) page in the admin area. In the process of getting the pagination working, I Iearned that Kaminari has a very long-standing issue with routing into Rails Engines [1] [2] [3], which is a bit of a problem for a CMS built almost entirely out of them. Fortunately the community has provided a fix <3

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