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Symbol in Ruby

A symbol is a uniq instance of the Symbol class which is generally used for identifying a specific resource.. SEE MORE

Ruby Quiz - (Crypto) Blockchain Contract Edition - Challenge #1 Tic-Tac-Toe

Hello, I’ve started a new ruby quiz for secure (crypto) contract blockchain scripting. Challenge #1 - Create a 3x3 Tic-Tac-Toe Player vs Player Game Contract. Let’s use the “Creating a Tic-Tac-Toe Smart Contract” tutorial and “real-world” sample contract from the EOS.IO blockchain. The challenge: Code a contract for a 3x3 tic-tac-toe player vs player game using sruby :-). Can you do better? Post your code snippets (or questions or comments) on the “official” Ruby Quiz Channel, that is, the ruby-talk mailing list. Cheers. Prost.

Testing JavaScript... with Ruby!

One of the many projects we are building is a JS client-side library, which runs in a pretty challenging environment: has to support pretty much every browser in existence and interacts with a gaggle of external scripts and services. Since Codest is primarily a Ruby shop, that’s what we chose to exercise it with - and here’s how you can, too.

Carve your controllers like Papa Carlo

This post introduces a new gem–Rubanok–which could be used to slim down your controllers by extracting params-dependent logic (such as filtering, searching, sorting, etc.) into its own abstraction layer. For better readability, maintainability and testability! Vivat!

How network programming is represented in Ruby

In this article, we’re going to see how Ruby implemented network programming in its Core and Standard libraries.. The implementation surprisingly and naturally fits to the language features SEE MORE

Ruby on Rails API Authentication

If you are building any kind of API with Ruby on Rails you are going to have to handle authentication if you want to secure your endpoints. If you’re using devise with its pre-built authentication you’ll see that when it comes to managing the Authentication of an API endpoint devise falls slightly short. In this post we will show you some of the options you have with securing your Rails API endpoints and how you can integrate them into devise.

Come wield Ruby for good in the SF bay area!

Write open source to make the world a better place! Join us at Ruby by the Bay March 29 – April 1 in Marin headlands at NatureBridge. Programmers come together a long weekend to write software for non-profits and community organizations. (Most projects are Ruby, but there’s often JavaScript or devops or design projects as well.) This is not a hackathon! Projects are scoped with our nonprofit partners before the event, and evenings are reserved not for code but to play games, karaoke, or sit around a campfire. [more inside]

Small, Smart, Secure, Safe, Solid & Sound (S6) Ruby - New Org (Incl. Red Paper, ...)

Hello, sruby - Small, Smart, Secure, Safe, Solid & Sound (S6) Ruby now has a new home. See the /s6ruby org(anization) at github. The new org incl. the “Red Paper”, the Universum world computer runtime, sample contract scripts, the Programming Crypto Contracts step-by-step book / guide and more. Last but not least - thanks to Matz for Ruby and for the sruby tweet! Cheers. Prost.

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