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Made a library? Written a blog post? Found a useful tutorial? Share it with the Ruby community here or just enjoy what everyone else has found!

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Some Ruby & Ruby on Rails courses adapted to the developer’s training needs

Efficient Rails DevOps, third edition

I just released the third edition of Efficient Rails DevOps, a complete rewrite sporting more than 40 pages of additional content with lots of improvements, finally supporting both CentOS and Ubuntu operating systems and giving you the choice between MariaDB and PostgreSQL (the discount code “rbflw” still gets you $5 off).

Ruby on Rails Security

Folks still get the basics of Rails security wrong. Here’s a few big ones. I think it comes from too much reliance on assuming a “security engineer” will come in and pay attention. They never come.

Performance of Regular Expressions

Regexps are useful, neat and dangerous. Uncarefully written regular expression may hang both frontend and backend apps severely harming user experience and causing headaches at debugging stage. Read our blogpost on regexp performance to see when it could happen, understand how the regular expression engine work and what to do to optimize regexps. Benchmarks, real-word stories, step-by-step analyses and live examples included!

Building a Ruby C Extension From Scratch

In this edition of Ruby Magic, we’ll show you how to use code written in C from Ruby. This can be used to optimize performance sensitive parts of your code or to create an interface between a C library and Ruby. Read all about it.

Ruby Quiz is Back (Fortnightly)! Challenge #1 - Read Comma-Separated Values (CSV)

Hello, The Ruby Quiz is now back fortnightly (once every two weeks). Challenge #1 - Read Comma-Separated Values (CSV) from the “Real World”. Let’s use the test.csv file from Apache Commons CSV Reader. The challenge: Code a parse method that passes the RubyQuizTest :-). Start from scratch or, yes, use any library / gem you can find. To qualify for solving the code challenge / puzzle you must pass the test. Post your code snippets on the “official” Ruby Quiz Channel, that is, the ruby-talk mailing list. Happy hacking and data wrangling with Ruby. PS: Thanks to RubyFlow and Peter Cooper for blocking my account. Last post (really only an edit others get blocked). See you in the free world. All the best. Cheers. Prost. PPS: If that’s how you treat your friends - how do you treat your enemies :-)..

Hey Gerald, which account you got blocked (I suspect it’s the RubyFlow one). An…

Why the CSV library is broken (Part VI) - Fast, Faster, Fasterer, Fastest

Hello, I’ve written a new (and sixth) episode on why the CSV standard library is broken (and how to fix it). Let’s have a look at fixes in alternative CSV libraries out there: Fixes in Alternative CSV Libraries or Evolve or Die or Fast, Faster, Fasterer, Fastest Questions and comments welcome. Cheers. Prost. PS: If you want to see other (more) CSV formats / dialects pre-configured and supported “out-of-the-box” in the new csv reader, please tell. PS: (Update) Added Part VII or What’s Your Type? Guess. Again. And Again. And Again. Guess What’s a Schema For?

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