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Roda 3.0.0 Released

Roda 3.0.0 has been released. This release of the web toolkit offers better performance, raises errors instead of silently ignoring unsupported matchers or block results, and has more secure defaults.

Security Updates for Ruby

New Ruby versions released with security updates as four new CVEs have been publish on September 14th, 2017. [more inside]

Use DidYouMean in your own code

DidYouMean, bundled with recent Ruby versions, does pretty error messages with suggestions, like undefined method 'cover' for 1..10:Range. Did you mean? cover?. If you want to implement the same functionality for your own entities (some tags, lexemes or metaprogrammed things), you will probably find this small wrapper gem useful.

Forget conditionals, use the Rail way

Most of the time, with growing uncertainty, code goes rightwards. Nested conditions are difficult to read and error prone. The real intent is to check success/failure path, so why not make it clear?

expensive and slow. cost of using exceptions for control flow compared…
Robert you need to benchmark the difference between an exception and a conditio…
To be clear I like that the author has identified all his nesting is an issue a…
That’s Railway pattern - in Trailblazer since version 2 :-) http://trailblaz…

7 Successful Stories From Ruby On Rails Web Development

Ruby is a programming language while Rails is the web application framework that implements it. Developed by Yukihiro Matsumoto, Ruby on Rails has found utility in some of the coolest and widely known projects worldwide. Here are few that catch the limelight. 7 Successful Stories From Ruby On Rails Web Development

I don’t get this “Ruby is a programming language while Rails is the web applica…
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