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Ruby 2.5 comprehensive changelog

Although the news are 1.5 years old, I believe it still could be interesting/useful: Ruby 2.5 changelog with references to docs, discussions, explanation of change reasons and code examples.

GraphQL on Rails

This guide is about building a Rails/GraphQL/React/Apollo application from scratch. A first part of the series is dedicated to queries - a GraphQL way to fetch the data.

I Updated Rails. Now Everything's on Fire.

Once a Rails app has bundled at the next version of Rails, it is common to have a number of errors to handle before your test suite will run. In this post, I walk-through one of the common issues we see. Read here

Preventing minitest-focus during CI test runs

Minitest-focus is a great gem during development to only execute certain tests. However, it’s easy to miss and accidentally leave in while doing a CI test run, which could give false positives. Read here for ways to prevent during CI.

XDG 3.0.0 - New Gem Ownership

XDG is a great way to organize your program’s configuration, cache, and data. After ~7 years of inactivity the XDG gem is now under new stewardship. 🎉 With the 3.0.0 version, there is a new implementation and API that adheres to the XDG specification. If you need additional functionally beyond what the XDG specification provides then check out the companion Runcom gem. Enjoy!

Graphs in Ruby

This gem allows to create simple directed and undirected graphs. Basic operations allows easily implement graph algorithms.

Object Equality in Ruby

In Ruby, as any classes inherit directly (or not) from the Object class, then the object equality logic is implemented between the Kernel module and the BasicObject class. [more inside]

In Terms of Tradeoffs (Glenn Vanderburg)

On this week’s episode, Chris is joined by Glenn Vanderburg, VP of Engineering at, live from RailsConf. They discuss Glenn’s RailsConf talk, “The 30-Month Migration”, covering distributed data models, refactoring, and the wonders of postgres. They also discuss Glenn’s famous talk, “Real Software Engineering”, and what the term “software engineering” means within our communities. [more inside]

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