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Made a library? Written a blog post? Found a useful tutorial? Share it with the Ruby community here or just enjoy what everyone else has found!

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The yield keyword

The yield keyword — in association with a block — allows to pass a set of additional instructions during a method invocation.. see more

The Missing Ruby Reference

Here is modern-looking, actual, comprehensive Ruby reference is compiled from Ruby source and other sources. And a blog post about it.

How to Migrate a Ruby on Rails App from Heroku to Dokku

Dokku is dev ops for dummies and a cheaper alternative to Heroku. Recently I’ve migrated a couple of my projects to it. In this blog post, I will describe how to setup and migrate a Rails app to Dokku with PostgreSQL, Sidekiq, Redis and Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare for free SSL. [more inside]

persistent-💎: a ruby gem for beautiful immutable data structures

A gem with a simple objective: make programming with immutable data structures in Ruby as joyful and frictionless as using the built-in Array and Hash classes. So easy, in fact, that using immutable structures becomes the norm, rather than the exception. Persistent-💎 gives you a very tidy syntax for creating immutable: arrays (my_array = a💎[1, 2, 3]; hashes (my_hash = h💎[key1: 'foo', key2: 'bar']; and sets (my_set = s💎[:sephiroth, :kills, :aeris]). See project website for more details!

Handling Errors Gracefully

I created a way to implement some kind of “Result Object” by rescuing StandardError instances and handling these errors gracefully. See my implementation here.

TIL - Ruby Array Multiplication

Today I learned that if you call a multiplication operator on a Ruby array, it duplicates each element of the array by the multiplier. Not sure what the use case would be. For fun, I created an exponent operator for array as well, using this functionality. [more inside]

Free eBook: Rails Testing Handbook

Tired of fragile code? This hands-on book will teach you how to build better Rails apps with confidence. What we share inside has helped us get Semaphore to web scale without losing minds. Download today.

How to Contribute to Ruby

Do you want to become a Ruby committer? Are you interested in learning from language designers? Do you want to get in the loop on conversations in the Ruby open-sourced development community? If so, this post is for you. More.

ImageProcessing 1.0 Released: Wrapper for ImageMagick and Libvips

ImageProcessing is a gem that provides higher-level image processing helpers that are commonly needed when handling image uploads. Initially the gem came with a simple module-based API and provided only processing with ImageMagick (via MiniMagick), but recently it was rewritten with a more flexible chainable API, and also gained libvips support which can be up to 10x faster than ImageMagick. Read more about it here.

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