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rspec-benchmark v0.4.0 with complexity matchers!

The newest rspec-benchmark adds computational complexity matchers such as perform_linear or perform_loagarithmic to help you establish the asymptotic behaviour of your code in a test suite. It will also allow you to generate a range of test inputs for your benchmark using in_range matcher. Enjoy!

London Ruby Unconference is this Saturday!

The London Ruby Unconference is a free event for Rubyists from the UK and abroad. The London Ruby community meets every year in the first Saturday of October to share their enthusiasm for Ruby and learn from each other in more than 16 sessions suggested by the attendees. Get your free ticket here! and join us with your colleagues and friends!

Great news. Added the London Ruby Unconf to the Ruby Conference & Camp Cale…

SimpleAMS: Modern Ruby Serializers

Hello, I have been building a gem lately (=last 1 year) to replace the original ActiveModel Serializers. It’s called SimpleAMS. The idea is to embrace POROs and provide a very flexible interface. Using some basic benchmarks it seems it’s a bit slower than jsonapi-rb. Although there are a couple of things left to do (including optimizations), we have it in production and integrated it in various projects. If you are starting a new project please consider using it :)

Why the CSV standard library is broken (Part III) - CSV Record as Array? Hash? etc.

Hello, I’ve written a new (and third) episode on why the CSV standard library is broken, broken, broken (and how to fix it). Let’s have a look at how to handle csv records - How about returning an array? hash? struct? row? etc. Or how about adding new “low-level” parsers for supporting more dialects and formats or for faster code with c-extensions? Questions and comments welcome. Cheers. Prost. PS: If you want to see other (more) CSV formats / dialects pre-configured and supported “out-of-the-box” in the new csv reader, please tell. PPS: Why care about CSV? Did you know - data is the new gold :-) and CSV is the world’s most popular (No. 1) data format.

Rails Parts

When we restarted developing an application from scratch, we stumbled upon a great way to split the files in your Rails app into different parts. Read about how to use Rails in parts.

The Problems With Validating ActiveRecord Models and Why State Validation Is a Bad Id

In the typical Rails application, you can find the most of the validations in the ActiveRecord models, which is nothing surprising - ActiveRecord models are used for multiple things. Whether it is a good thing, or a bad thing (in most cases it’s the latter) deserves a separate book or at least blog post-series as it’s not a simple problem, there is one specific thing that can cause a lot of issues that are difficult to solve and go beyond design decisions and ease of maintenance of the application, something that impacts the behavior of the model - the validations. [more inside]

Browserino -- A user-agent string parser.

Tired of asking your users for their browser / OS and their versions? Do you want to know wether they are visiting your website on mobile or would you like to know their locale to be able to provide a better experience? Then check out Browserino, a user-agent string parser with Rails support.

Runtime Introspection in Ruby

Ruby offers a variety of methods that allow you to ask an object about its capabilities (which messages/methods does it respond to?), its variables and constants, and its backstory (the object’s class and ancestors). [more inside]

Ruby Conferences & Camps in 2018 Calendar Update @ Planet Ruby - What's Upcoming?

Hello, I’ve updated the ruby conferences & camps in 2018 calendar. What’s upcoming? October: Sat 6 (1d) Ruby Russia @ Moscow, Russia // Thu+Fri 25+26 (2d) RubyConf Malaysia @ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ++ November: Fri 9 (1d) Keep Ruby Weird @ Austin, Texas, United States // Tue-Thu 13-15 (3d) RubyConf @ Los Angeles, California, United States. Any others? Please tell. Cheers. Prost. PS: Did you know? The calendar page (source) is built with … jekyll. PPS: For 2019, see the ruby conferences & camps in 2019 calendar page.

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