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fifa v1.2 gem - the world's football countries & codes incl. irregulars & non-members

Hello, I’ve updated the fifa gem / library that includes all the world’s football countries and codes (incl. non-member countries and irregular codes). Now you can also get the countries by continental confederations (e.g. Asia, Africa, North & Central America & Caribbean, South America, Oceania, etc.) or (sub)confederations (e.g. Middle East, North Africa, South East Asia, etc. ) and more. Use Fifa.members('UEFA') or Fifa.members('Europe'), for example, to get all 55 countries. Happy data wrangling with ruby. Enjoy the beautiful game. Cheers. Prost.

Protecting a Rails app from small scripted attacks

I got tired of seeing in my logs lots of attempts against Wordpress etc so I found a simple and effective solution in rack-attack. In this short post I share my current configuration to block most small attacks and receive email notifications when this happens. [more inside]

10 lessons learnt from the Ruby Refactoring Kata - Tennis Game

Over the last weeks, I’ve been scheduling time for coding sessions on a Ruby Refactoring kata called Tennis Game. There has been around 20 such sessions, most of them recorded as YT videos, but in this blogpost I prepared 10 lessons learnt in a written form. [more inside]

Linear Recursion and Iteration

Sometimes we can directly map the mathematical statement to code. It is also useful to have names for certain programming language constructs that is independent of any programming language. We can then simply translate the language independent programming construct to a specific language construct using the chosen language’s syntax. For more, read the article: Linear Recursion and Iteration

Working with / Importing (Football) CSV Packages into SQL DB with the sportdb gem(s)

Hello, I’ve written up / published a new from zero / scratch getting started guide for importing football.csv packages into an SQL database. The example uses all English football leagues, clubs and matches (from 1888-89 to today). The steps include: Step 0: Setup - Install the Sport.db Libraries ++ Step 1: Download (or Clone) the CSV Package / Datasets ++ Step 2: Add the Import / Build Script ++ Step 3: Kick off and Run. That’s it. Enjoy the beautiful game. Cheers. Prost.

wikiscript gem - scripts for wikipedia (get wikitext for page, parse tables, etc.)

Hello, I’ve updated the wikiscript library / gem that collects scripts for working with wikipedia articles (e.g. get / fetch the wikitext for a page, parse tables & links, etc. ). Note: I use wikiscript mostly for parsing section headings and tables (for football clubs from around the world), thus, that’s bascially all there is there for now. Happy data wrangling and text processing with ruby. Cheers. Prost.

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