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dejan — 6 posts

I'm developing Chrome extension for Rails development - RailsPanel. It displays Rails app requests in Developer Tools panel, provides insight to db/rendering/total times, parameter list, rendered views, SQLs and more. It's still early in development but stable enough if anyone wants to try it.
auto_html 1.6.0 is out with fixes and few new filters. Check them out on a new demo page.
Wanna have fancier confirmation dialogs in Rails? Checkout my article on the subject and a live demo.
I wrote some notes on the issues I've run into while compiling Ruby on fresh Lion install.
I just wrote a blog post with demo for my espeak-ruby gem that utilises espeak and lame to create Text-To-Speech mp3 files.
auto_html 1.3.0 is out. Highlights:
* Rails 3 support
* no need for explicit call to auto_html_prepare for preview
* no need for DB column for cache (ie. _html)
* correctly handle blank and nil values when applying auto_html
* youtube filter supports html5
* filter added: youtube_js_api