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Have you ever used Hashie? You may (not) be surprised that it's a horrible idea. But you may interested to learn hashie is responsible for a 5% decrease in all app speed if you're using omniauth. To learn more about why having an object that inherits from hash and acts like an object, read hashie considered harmful
Performance in any app is Critical. In this post on Ruby string key performance we'll look at some optimizations you can make in your app today, and how the Ruby 2.2 interpreter will help make your code faster for free.
Get a smaller Rails app footprint with two commands. A 36% boot time memory savings for free. Also learn how to benchmark and optimize your own application's boot size.
How do you benchmark rack middleware? Well read this blog post then go make your code faster.
Do you like speed? Do you hate unnecessary object allocation? Well then you just got a got a 2 to 4% performance boost in Rack & Rails for free.
Austin is our home and it's at the heart of how we live and write software. Known for it's eclectic attitude, the city maintains the unofficial motto: "Keep Austin Weird'. The people are friendly, accepting of artistic and individual expression, lending the city a vibrant and progressive energy. We believe that as developers we grow stronger through play and exploration of our craft. In Austin, this belief is strengthened and supported as we see companies care as much about personal growth as their bottom lines. We wanted to throw a conference that feels like Austin, while taking the opportunity to show off what it is that makes our city great. We present to you Keep Ruby Weird
I'm building a house and I write software for a living. So when someone showed me the article "Why We Should Build Software Like We Build Houses " I had to disagree...[continue reading]
A Patch in Time: Securing Ruby.
Make the asset pipeline and sprockets development experience a joy to work with by adding the Sprockets Better Errors gem to your project.
In an unprecedented move Heroku has open sourced their identity provider. Read more at the blog post OAuth as Single Sign On.
If you're using Wicked, the easy way to build step-by-step wizards in your Rails code please update to Wicked version 1.0.1 immediately a serious security bug was patched. If you do not upgrade, an attacker may be able to view arbitrary files on your server.
Due to burnout, lack of community support, and Rails Asset pipeline compatibility issues (amongst other things): the Capistrano maintainer is seeking help maintaining the project. Lee Hambley has released a "final" version of Capistrano, recommends switching to a containerized deployment method or a PaaS.
How we taught bundler to succeed in the face of failure: Retrying Bundler.
Ever wonder what that strange command on the terminal did? Now you can: Explain Shell from your Shell and find out faster than you can say "manpages".
Forget writing plaintext and html emails twice write them once in markdown and the maildown gem converts them for you.
Do more with Heroku OAuth, and their API all running in Sinatra.
I love Resque, but hate defining classes and naming queues. I wrote the resque_def gem to define classes for you, so you can get more done with less code.
Find out how to test your libraries against multiple versions of Rails so your gems will be ready when Rails 4 comes out.
Listen in on an all new GitMinutes podcast as @schneems discusses his GIT workflow and experience with Rails issues
If you love Ruby so much why don’t you marry her? So on December 25th, he got down on one knee continue reading...
“I don’t have time to contribute to open source”. But who does? We’re too busy shipping products and open source is so daunting and time consuming. Sure tools and technologies are our livelihood, but there’s just so much there. Even if you’ve got the time - where do you start? continue reading....
If at first you don't succeed rrrretry...
This weekend I made my OVER 9000 pull request to Rails, that features a demo of the functionality in GIF format keep reading to find out how..
Good, Simple Design
There has been a lot of talk about design for beginners or for advanced developers in Rails an other libraries. The argument that a well designed product works for both sounds good, but what does it mean? Take a dive into some developer products to see what it means to make a truly Good, Simple Design
Waza 2013 Registration Open
Last year Heroku's developer conference, Waza, sold out in hours. February 28th, 20 speakers grab your ticket while you still can.
We live in a fast society, so why should our apps be any different? Richard Schneeman from Heroku demonstrates how to optimize your Rails app for speed and scalability -- on both the front end and back end.

If you wanna go fast, this talk is for you.
Heroku just launched JRuby into General Availability, read all about it:Run JRuby on Heroku Today.
You've heard of the Wicked gem, that awesome library for making step-by-step wizards in Rails. Wicked just added the ability to use custom urls in your wizards. It's simple, easy, and flexible check it out.
Heroku just launched the ability to Fork your data from their postgres databases.
Learn how buildpacks work while Hacking mruby onto Heroku.
Haven't tried Ruby 2.0.0 yet? Not to worry Heroku has Ruby 2.0.0 Preview1 available right now.
This is the 10th and final week of my video/exercise/quiz series. Jump over to: Reddit on Rails Part 3: Last week of UT on Rails finish your Reddit on Rails project and prepare yourself for the future.
Heroku just announced their GA for database followers on their production tier databases. They take the pain out of making a databases warm database copy, and there are a ton of things you can do with them read more...
Try mruby Today
Want to check out that mruby thing everyone has been talking about, well guess what you can try mruby today. Also a great introduction to building binaries (hint: if you don't know what that means, you should read this article).
From Android to iPhone, users everywhere have made it abundantly clear that mobile apps are the future, and when it comes to mobile nothing beats a native experience. Learn how to build your first OAuth backed Rails app and mobile client in this quick article.
As the leaves turn, Heroku makes way for the future by sunsetting its past. Say goodbye to the Aspen stack.
Heroku is an erosion-resistant platform, but what happens when something needs change? Learn all about Heroku's deprecation and sunsetting policies so you can sleep sound at night knowing what to expect.
Exceptions suck, but they don't have to. Learn how to program better through error messages, and see how improved messages are going to rock your world in Rails 4.0.
Bundler 1.2.0 Released
Heroku's own Terence Lee has cut a release of Bundler 1.2.0, enjoy.
Resque 1.22.0 Released
Terence Lee from Heroku has taken on maintaining Resque. He just released 1.22.0 which contains important signal handling fixes. To learn more read about signals in Resque on Terence's blog.
Follow along as I build Reddit on Rails and walk you through how to craft a web app from scratch.
This week we cover a veritable smorgasbord of topics in Databases & Rails: Week 8. We'll talk about dealing with Nil and using Modules in Ruby. We are also going to cover importing data from a spreadsheet, rake, rubygems, bundler, and talk a little about Rail’s testing ecosystem. Enjoy!
If you make changes to an object you can get the previously saved changes in Rails. Use it to make an audit trail or something else equally useful. Go forth and make changes!
If you’re new to Rails and Active Record, or you’ve been using them for some time, there are likely methods you’ve been overlooking. Join me this week for a deep dive into Active Record as we cover the query interface, how method chaining works, and how to avoid SQL injection.
If you've played with rails but you're still pretty new to javascript come watch some videos and do a quick exercise on how to doData Visualization with Javascript using Rails, of course.
Follow along with my University of Texas class as I explain what controllers can do and show some common uses.
Command Line Basics
Do you remember how hard it was to get started programming? If you do surely you remember a time before you knew Command Line Basics, if you or someone you know is new to this whole programming thing or maybe new to the command line, the will certainly get something out of this introduction to the command line.
Come learn all about URLs, HTTP, State, and REST in this week's series. Videos broken down by topic and exercise all included, enjoy!
Week 3 in my class series at the University of Texas, we're building views with nothing but Ruby and the standard library. If you're just getting started or you've been using Rails for years, come learn how Rails works some of it's view Ruby magic. We cover building html, layouts, and serving dynamic content with a server (web brick).
How exactly do we model relationships between different database tables, and how do we use those relationships in ActiveRecord? With Database Relationships and ActiveRecord [video] you'll learn how to map a has_many and belongs_to relationship and more in databases, and cover how to query and join the data in ActiveRecord. This is the second week of my Database and Rails class at the University of Texas.
It's the beginning of another course at the University of Texas, and i'm bringing the content direct to you. In this post of Databases & Rails: Week 1 Introduction you'll learn how the web works, how data stores are used to power the web, then we'll design a simple data store and see it implemented in PostgreSQL. Tell your friends, it's gonna be fun.
Don't get stuck Learn how to migrate auth solutions with ease.
Just found this great little post Heroku Isn't for Idiots and wanted to share. Hits a lot of points on why the author likes using Heroku, and has a good bit of technical information on Dynos and what Heroku does in the background.
Starting Now on Heroku, Cedar Stack is in General Availability. Now you get all the things you love about Heroku defaulted to the latest and greatest stack.
What exactly is OAuth 2, and how can you use it to access data on sites like Facebook? We'll take a quick look at how servers can use OAuth to talk to one another.
Ditch running $ rake routes and start using Sextant to see your rails app's routes in the browser.
Ever want to write an App that uses the Facebook graph? Well you can have a Facebook enabled site up, running and edited in only 5 minutes.
Heroku has long advocated having a strong parity between development and production environments, now you can run the same Ruby version in your production app that you used to develop it.

With the release of Bundler 1.2.0 beta and the Ruby build pack you can now select the version of Ruby you want to run on Heroku.
The cats out of the bag, Ruby isn’t immune to legacy code problems. But we can make our Rails apps erosion resistant read more.
If you're concerned about code reuse in Ruby you should be using Active Support concerns to awesome-ize your modules. Learn why and how in this quick article.
Method Cacheable allows you to cache any Ruby method easily in memcache. It makes calls to the cache in your code explicit so you know whats going on at all times.
Ever want to save, just part of an object? You can with partial validation. This example uses Wicked a gem for making step by step wizards, and shows you how to build objects piece by piece and validate every step of the way
Haven’t you always wanted to make some changes to your server and then absolutely slam it with traffic to see the result? That's exactly what I did to performance test some configuration changes I made with Rack::Cache and Rails last week using BlitzIO.
Get more performance out of your Rails app using Rack::Cache and memcache (with graphs, yay!). Works with Heroku!
Wouldn't it be awesome if we could just save data in a database like a hash? Well now you can, with hstore & Rails. Hstore is a key/value schema-less datastore in Postgres, use it just like a hash...(more)
Use Wicked to turn any Rails controller into a step-by-step wizard. To get started read the post or watch the screencast.
Likeable: Love your Objects with Redis
I just released Likeable a gem for storing like data about ruby objects with redis. Post and screencast included, enjoy!